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Yamaha Booth for the 40th Tokyo International Boat Show

January 29, 2001

Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. (YMC) will exhibit its Marine products at the 40th Tokyo International Boat Show to be held from Feb. 9 to 12 at the Tokyo Big Sight (Koto Ward, Tokyo).
The products to be displayed range widely, from product hardware centering around new models to introductions of software aspects of YMC's corporate activities such as promotional and educational activities. As a whole, the Yamaha booth will be a comprehensive presentation of the joys of marine leisure and YMC's approach to its Marine operations.

Outline of the Yamaha Booth

- Theme:


"The Sea is Great - Enjoy the Yamaha World"

- Display contents:


A "Theme Zone" will display Yamaha models that propose new types of marine fun



On display will be 6 (FRP) boats and one aluminum boat, a license training boat, a special exhibition model boat, 5 "Marine Jet" Water Vehicles, one Jet Boat and 15 outboard motors



The products will be divided into five zones for easy viewing, including a cruising boat zone, fishing boat zone, "MJ" (Water Vehicle) zone, Y's Gear zone and an outboard zone.



A Marine Counter "Odaiba" will introduce license schools and other promotional activities



Y's Marine will display two import boat models at a separate booth



Three Yamaha sailboats will be displayed in the joint Yacht Corner of the Japan Boating Industry Association

- Press Briefing:


A press briefing will be held at the Yamaha booth on Friday Feb. 9 from 11:10 to 11:40 AM.

yamaha map

Layout of the Yamaha Booth

Numbers in the diagram correspond with the numbers of the explanation categories on the following pages of this release.

Details of the Display Contents

1. Theme Zone

Concept Boats

Free & Wheel

This concept boat has a built-in trailer function that enables it to be towed by a car on the roads, lowered into the water from an access ramp and then used like a regular boat on the water.


This concept vehicle adopts the Power Assist System from the Yamaha PAS electro-hybrid bicycles in a design that converts pedaling force into efficient boat propulsion force supplemented by a power assist for care-free leisure like enjoying picnics on the water.

Scale Model

Un-manned Ocean
Observation Boat

This is an un-manned ocean atmosphere observation boat that navigates by remote control. It will begin actual scientific observation duties beginning this Spring. On display is a model of the actual boat.


outboard motor

This world's largest horsepower 4-stroke outboard boasts clean emissions, compactness and high performance. Last year it won the coveted marine industry "Innovation Award" in the USA.

2. "Cruising Boat" Zone

Display Contents

23 Renaissa (New)

Despite its small 23-ft. size, this multi-purpose cruiser features a cabin with a separate toilet compartment and is designed for fishing convenience too, making it a truly multi-use model.

SF-35 (2001 model)

This comfortably appointed convertible model is ideal for offshore big-game fishing as well as long-distance cruising.


This flying-bridge style cruiser stresses the kind of cabin comfort that is appreciated in family cruising.

24 Siesta

A full-volume family-oriented boat

3. "Fishing Boat" Zone (2 boats)

Display Contents

UF-29 I/B
(2001 model)

This single-axle direct drive boat is designed especially for offshore fishing. It combines plenty of fishing functions and solid durability for long-distance boating.

(2001 model)

This is the latest version of the boat that has won a reputation as the standard in small fishing boats for the Japanese coastal waters. Despite its compact 24-ft. size it features a spacious central "cuddy" type cabin and abundant storage space. New features have been added for even greater convenience in fishing.

4. "Outboard Motor" Zone


-F115 AETX

-F9.9 CWHL

Nine models of the Yamaha 4-stroke outboard series acclaimed for their environment friendliness, quietness, outstanding fuel economy and compactness are on display. They range from 4 hp to 115 hp (the 4-stroke F225A is displayed in the Theme Zone).




The Z Series outboards featuring the Yamaha-exclusive high-pressure direct fuel injection system "HPDI" achieve a dramatic increase in fuel economy and clean emissions compared to conventional 2-strokes. A 200 hp model and 150 hp model are displayed.

5. "Y's Gear" Zone



The VMAX by QUINTERX is small aluminum boat extremely popular among bass fishermen for its tough construction and wide deck for easy fishing.

-M-21 SP
(special exhibition model)

This boat is designed especially for towing wakeboarders

2-stroke Outboards

-VZ150 AETOL -VMAX Jr. 9.9 FMHS -VMAX mini.5

The 2-stroke VMAX outboards displayed here are freshwater-use models that enjoy a great reputation among bass fishermen in the USA. The 150 hp model features HPDI.

Diesel Engine

-SX-421 KSH

Diesel stern drive engine

6. "MJ" (Water Vehicle) Zone

"Marine Jet" Water Vehicles

-MJ-XLT 1200
(2001 model)

This is the luxury flagship model of the 3-passenger class. It boasts the latest Yamaha personal watercraft technologies, achieving a high-level balance of performance and environment friendliness.

(2001 model)

This mid-class performance model combines high performance with ease of use to let the rider experience the fullest possible riding enjoyment.

-MJ-SUV 1200

This large 4-passenger model has plenty of storage space to handle all the gear you need for cruise & camp over-nighters.

-MJ-TZ 800

A sit-down type performance model

-MJ-XL 700

An entry-level 3-seater

Jet Boat

-Exciter 1430 SPORTS-WV

A jet boat with sprite, nimble handling and running performance. This model is especially designed for wakeboard towing.

7. Yacht Corner (Displayed in the Japan Boating Industry Association Yacht Corner)

Display Contents

(2001 model)

This is the short-hand version of the acclaimed club racer "Y26 II." Easy to sail even with small crews, it offers an easy and accessible means for enjoying sailing.


Yamaha's highly acclaimed racer/cruiser

-Y14 SR

This model is the standard among single-hander sailing dinghies. It is an official class boat for the Japanese National Sports Festival.

8. Marine Counter "Odaiba"

In addition to offering guides to Yamaha's rental boat club and the various events and schools, the information center set up in the Yamaha booth has Internet access so visitors can register for license schools on the spot.


- License training boat LS-17

Introductions of the various schools

- Boat License Schools

- Yamaha SRV Rental Boat Club

- Various Marine Events

- Various Schools

9. Marine Accessories (Y's Gear Zone)

On display are the various types of marine accessories and fishing gear. On display for sale are items like the easy to wear, inflatable life jacket "Life Raft Jacket" and "MegaBass Yamaha" saltwater lures.

- Boat accessories

- Water Vehicle accessories

- Navigation equipment

- Marine recreation accessories

- Fishing equipment/accessories

- Apparel, etc.

Outline of the 40th Tokyo International Boat Show

- Dates:

Feb. 9 (Fri.) ~12 (Mon. and holiday), 2001

- Venue:

Tokyo Big Sight (East Hall 1~3)
3-21-1 Ariake, Koto-ku, Tokyo Tel: 03-5530-1111

- Hours:

10:00 - 18:00 (until 17:00 on the 12th)
Be aware that on the 9th there will be a press hour from 10:00 to 11:40 and the Opening Ceremony will take place at 11:50.

- Outline:

The show theme is "Ocean Dreams - Uniting with the Ocean for the Affluent Future" Exhibiting companies -147. Powerboats on display - 172 / from 44 makers Sailboats displayed - 10 / from 8 makers Personal Watercraft displayed -20 / from 4 makers Marine engines displayed - 80 / from 11 makers
* Source: Japan Boating Industry Association materials

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