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Yamaha 4-stroke Outboard Motor "F225A" Wins US "Innovation Award" High praises for compact, high-performance world's first V6 4-stroke 225 hp outboard

October 11, 2000

On Sept. 28, 2000, Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. (YMC) was recipient of the "Innovation Award" of the US "Boating Week 2000" marine show in Orlando, Florida, U.S.A., sponsored by the industry organizations led by the NMMA (National Marine Manufacturers Association) for its new V6 4-stroke "F225A," the world's largest 4-stroke outboard.

YMUS Marine Group President Phil Dyskow (right) receives the award "Boating Week 2000" Innovation Awards 4-stroke O/B engine "F225A"

YMUS Marine Group President Phil Dyskow (right) receives the award

"Boating Week 2000" Innovation Awards

4-stroke O/B engine

The "F225A" adopts the world-first Yamaha design that inverts the conventional intake and exhaust system layouts by means of an "in-bank exhaust system" to achieve an exceptionally compact and lightweight 225 hp engine as a 4-stroke. Also, the adoption of a Yamaha-exclusive electronic fuel injection system further enhances the inherent 4-stroke qualities of better fuel economy, cleaner exhaust and quieter running performance. It should also be noted that this model clears the US's EPA emissions standards for the year 2006 by large margins.

The award recognizes the F225 as an outboard that brings together advanced technology, high performance and economy as evaluated by the US marine industry. The F225A was first introduced as the world's largest V6/V4 4-stroke at the completion of its development in July of this year and sales will begin worldwide in the spring of 2001.

According to the NMMA the annual outboard motor demand in the US market presently stands at about 330,000 units in, and sales in the high-horsepower (150 hp and over) class have been especially strong in recent years. On inland waters 2-stroke outboards for bass fishing like the Yamaha "VMAX" models are popular, while for offshore saltwater sport fishing the 4-strokes are in high demand. At Yamaha, we continue to pursue a 2 & 4 policy of developing both 2-stroke and 4-stroke models that offer the respective advantages of these two engine formats while at the same time maintaining the basic qualities of light weight and compactness that customers hope for from an outboard.
Under this policy, Yamaha is dedicated to continuing to develop and supply products that fit the real needs of the market while providing the ideal fusion of environment friendliness and "Kando."

About "Boating Week 2000"

This is the world's largest marine industry show, bringing together for the first time this year the Marine Retailers Exhibit & Conference and the NMMA's National Conference (NATCON) sponsored by the National Marine Manufacturers Association and the Marine Retailers Association of America's annual convention into one big event sharing the sponsorship of some 25 marine industry associations from around the USA. In addition to displays of new technologies and products, this show held in Orlando, Florida, from Sept. 25 to 29 also featured a full agenda of seminars and conferences.

About the "Boating Week 2000" Innovation Awards

The Boating Week Innovation Awards are technical innovation awards given to the most outstanding products and technologies from among those displayed and submitted to the awards committee of the Boating Week in eleven different categories, including boats, marine engines, electric equipment, nautical equipment, marina equipment, etc.
The award winners are selected for overall value not only on the basis of technical excellence and performance but also qualities including contribution to the industry, originality, utility, price, etc. as judged by a committee of nine qualified judges chosen from members of the American-centerd international journalist group Boating Writers International and members of the Boating Week organizing committee.
For this year's Boating Week Innovation Awards some 100 products from 73 manufacturers were submitted.

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