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Kindergarten Facility Donated in Vietnam

June 01, 2000

At the grand opening ceremony for the new company of Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.'s motorcycle manufacturing and sales joint venture Yamaha Motor Vietnam Co., Ltd. (YMV) (President: Takahiko Takeda; location: Hanoi City) was held on Dec. 3, 1999, it was announced that the company would be donating a new Kindergarten facility to the local community of the Soc Son District of Hanoi where the company is located. On world "Children's Day," June 1, the ceremony was finally held to officially turn over the new facility to the local authorities.

At the donation ceremony, Yamaha Motor Vietnam's president, Mr. Takahiko Takeda, addressed the distinguished guests in attendance, including many local government officials from Soc Son District. Delivering the speech of acceptance with words of profound appreciation was Vice President Nguyen Van Lam of the Soc Son District People's Committee. This speech was followed by a tape-cutting ceremony by the various representatives.
In his speech, Mr. Takeda said that his company wishes not only to "Touch People's Hearts" through its products but also to be a good corporate citizen that contributes to the local community. Mr. Nguyen Van Lam responded that the education of children is important not only to the local community but the society as a whole. He also noted the lack of kindergarten facilities like the one being donated and expressed his deep gratitude to YMV.

The donated kindergarten facility, named Binh An Kindergarten, is a one-story brick building on grounds with an area of 1,200 sq. meters and having a total floor space of 260 sq. meters with its three classrooms. It also features a Yamaha-built fiberglass swimming pool.

Eighty kindergarteners have already been admitted and classes started on June 2.

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Profile of Yamaha Motor Vietnam



Yamaha Motor Vietnam Co., Ltd.



Trung Gia Commne, Soc Son Dist., Hanoi



Takahiko Takeda



April 1, 1998 -----------------Production start:Oct. 7, 1999



US$24,250,000 (Approx. 2.6 billion yen)



Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. 46%

Site area


Approx. 10 hectare-----------Employees :Approx. 200



Manufacture and sales of motorcycles



In the year 2000 - 20,000 units
In the year 2010 - 250,000 units

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