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Total School Pool Shipments Reach 4,000 Mark!

February 15, 20003

On Feb. 15, 2000, the Pool operations division of Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. (YMC) shipped its 4,000th "School Pool," the swimming pools used by schools and sports facilities in Japan.
This memorable record comes in the 26th year since YMC began shipments of its "Family Pools," the first all-FRP swimming pools manufactured in Japan, in March of 1974. It was in 1992, the 18th year since Yamaha began its School Pool operations, that we shipped our 2,000th pool, and in the eight years since we have sold another 2,000 to bring the grand total to 4,000 pools.

Forty years have now passed since YMC began mass producing Japan's first FRP boat, during which time we have applied our FRP technology to the manufacture of a variety of products. By constantly developing pools with new functions to meet the special needs of the swimming environment and using our 25 years of experience and know-how to manufacture them in our own factory, the largest in Japan to receive certification for sound environmental management under the strict ISO14001 standard, we at Yamaha are working to create the entire pool environment, involving everything from planning and design to construction and maintenance.

Pools can be constructed from a variety of materials, including concrete, stainless steel, aluminum, steel plating and FRP, and they can also be built from a combination of several of these materials. The FRP pool is characterized by 1) the fact that they can be factory manufactured in prefab units that greatly speed up the installation work, and 2) the fact that they are easy to maintain and cost-saving,

Of the total domestic market for "school series" pools for schools and other sports facilities that runs in the range of about 700 pools annually, YMC supplies about 250 pools a year. In addition to its "school series" pools, Yamaha also manufactures and markets a variety of other types of pools including its "Pre-schooler Pool Series" for nursery schools and child-care centers, its "Water Amusement Series" pools for water parks and its "Amenity Series" pools for hotels, resorts, sports clubs and the like. A total of some 20,000 Yamaha pools have been supplied over the years in all these categories combined. In this way we are contributing to people's health, sports and more rewarding free-time recreation.

In 2001, Yamaha's unique FRP pool technology will be put to use for the first time in a world championship competition when YMC supplies the specialized 50-meter main pool for the "9th World Swimming Championships Fukuoka 2001." This commission is shining proof of the reputation for excellence and reliability that Yamaha FRP products and technologies have earned over the years.

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