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The Yamaha Booth at the 39th Tokyo International Boat Show

February 03, 2000

Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. will participate as an exhibitor of its marine products at the 39th Tokyo International Boat Show to be held from February 10 to 13, 2000 at the Tokyo Big Sight in Koto Ward, Tokyo.
The Yamaha Motor booth will introduce both a wide range of our products, centering around new model, and the numerous software aspects of our corporate activities such as promotional and educational programs. In this way the show offers us a prime venue for presenting a full picture of our marine operations.
We hope that many people will take this opportunity to visit the Yamaha booth.

About the Yamaha Booth at the 39th Tokyo International Boat Show

- Dates:

Feb. 10 - 13, 2000

- Venue:

Tokyo Big Sight (East 1st ~ 3rd Halls)
3-21-1 Ariake, Koto-ku, Tokyo Tel. +81(0)3-5530-1111

- Hours:

10:00 a.m. ~ 6:00 p.m. (5:00 p.m. on the 13th)
Please note that the Press Room will be open from 9:00 a.m. on the 10th and an Opening Ceremony will be held from 9:45 a.m.

- Outline of the Yamaha Booth:

The theme of the booth is "Life with the Sea Yamaha - Navigator to Your Heart." The boat exhibits are divided into three zones: an "On the Beach Zone," "Pontoon (dock) Zone" and a "Marina Zone," while the outboard motor lineup will be displayed in a separate zone. There is also a zone introducing Yamaha's license schools and promotional activities as well as a "Concept Zone" introducing corporate information and Yamaha's environmental measures.
* The "Yamaha Booth" of the Tokyo International Boat Show is also introduced on our Website. An introductory page will be posted from Feb. 3 and go into full official operation on the 10th.
(Japanese only)

- Outline of the Boat Show:

The theme is "The Fulfillment of the Sea - Message on Affluent Life in Future. " /Number of exhibiting companies: 151.
Number of boats exhibited: 186 / by 53 makers.
No. of sailboats exhibited: 16 / by 12 makers.
No. of personal watercraft exhibited: 18 / by four makers.
Number of engines exhibited: 102 / by 12 makers.
* Based on data from Japan Boating Industry Association

Highlights of the Yamaha Motor Booth

In addition to marine products including powerboats, sailboats, personal watercraft and outboard motors, the Yamaha Motor booth also introduces in the nationwide promotional activities such as boats licensing schools, our SRV Rental Boat Club and other marine sports clubs, all aimed at providing users with entry-level access to marine leisure. Furthermore, the Yamaha Booth is a place where we present our efforts to create a more pleasant and attractive world of marine leisure through widespread involvement in such areas as improving pleasure boat berthing and storage facilities.

At this boat show, Yamaha Motor has prepared the largest total area booths of any participant maker under the theme "Life with the Sea Yamaha - Navigator to Your Heart" with displays including 16 powerboats, four sailboats (in the separate Sailing Yacht Zone), two jet boats, seven personal watercraft and 19 outboard motors, as well as an information zone introducing Yamaha's boat license program, the Yamaha SRV Rental Boat Club and its range of other school and event programs.
Highlighting the exhibits are models like the fully outfitted family cruisers "24 Siesta" and "CR-28FB," the multi-purpose fishing cruiser "UF-26S/D," new personal watercraft models featuring environment-friendly systems and the large 4-passenger personal watercraft "MJ-SUV 1200." You also won't want to miss the new Z series 2-stroke outboards with HPDI that achieve 4-stroke level emissions and fuel economy, the compact 4-stroke series models and new boat models offered as packages with these outboards.

The Yamaha booth is divided into: the (1) On the Beach Zone, (2) Pontoon Zone, (3) Marina Zone, (4) Outboard Motor Zone, (5) Concept Zone and (6) Promotions Zone. Also, Yamaha sailboats are displayed in a separate zone in the sailing yacht corner (jointly organized by the various sailboat makers) on the other side of the aisle.

Display Contents

* On the Beach Zone (2 Boats, 2 jet boats, 7 personal watercraft)

Exciter 1430TR
Exciter 1430TR SPORTS (Special exhibit model)
MJ-XL-1200LTD (New)
MJ-SUV 1200 (New)
MJ-GP 1200R (New)
MJ-XL 800 (New)
MJ-800TZ (Special spec)

Displayed together in this zone are the popular SRV series boats, jet boats and personal watercraft.
Note the new environment-friendly features of models like the MJs with catalyzers and noise reduction systems. Also see the MJ-SUV 1200, Japan's first 4-passenger personal watercraft.

* Pontoon Zone (9 boats)

SRV23 F100
Fishing Mate 23 "Cuddy" F115
UF-21 "Cuddy" HT
UF28 S/D (New)
UF26 S/D (New)
UF25 O/B (New)
FC-26 O/B (New)
24 Siesta (New)
FG-35 (New)

Displayed together in this zone are family boats and fishing boats. The new 24 Siesta is a family boat packed with a full range of functions. Also notice the models mounted with our new Z series direct injection 2-stroke outboards and 4-stroke outboards.

* Marina Zone (3 boats)

CR-28FB (New)
CR-27 Sedan O/B (New)

The Marina Zone displays larger size family cruisers and a sport fishing boat. You will see here the CR-28FB family cruiser with a flying bridge and the CR-27 Sedan O/B offered as a package with the new HPDI-mounted Z200N 2-stroke outboard. Also displayed is our main sport fishing model, the SF-31.

* Outboard Motor Zone (6 2-strokes, 11 4-strokes, two aluminum boats)


F115 AETL (New)
F9.9 CWHPL (New)
F8 CWHL (New)
F6 AWHL (New)


Z200N ETOX (New)
Z150P ETOL (New)
VMAX Jr. 9.9 FMHS 

[Aluminum bass boats]

Displayed here are a full lineup of 4-stroke outboard motors that reduce nitrogen oxides and hydrocarbons in the exhaust while improving fuel economy and 2-stroke models like the new Z Series models with the new High Pressure Direct Injection system that achieves 4-stroke level environment friendliness. Also please see the exciting new trailerable bass fishing boats VMAX by QUINTREX, build by Australia's leading aluminum boat maker, Quintrex Australia Pty. Ltd., and imported to Japan by Yamaha.

* Sailboat Zone (Separate sailboat exhibition Zone) (4 boats)

Janneau 40 Sun Odyssey (New) 

Four sailing yachts are displayed here, including Yamaha boats build with our proven design technology and race experience as builders of Japan's America's Cup challenge boat and winners of the Whitbread Round The World Race, and the cruising type "Sun Odyssey" imported from the French maker Janneau.

* Promotions Zone

Boat License Schools
Yamaha SRV Rental Boat Club
Various marine events
Introduction to schools, etc.

This zone is designed to provide essential information for people who want to get into the world of marine sports and leisure, including information about getting a boat license, boat storage and the SRV Rental Club for people with boating licenses.

* Marine Accessories

Boat accessories
Marine Jet accessories
Navigation equipment
Marine sporting goods
Fishing gear
Apparel, etc.

Displayed here are a wide assortment of accessories for marine leisure, ranging from accessories and parts for outfitting your boat to original marine apparel, answering all kinds of the hardware and software needs.

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