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All Nine Yamaha Sites Now ISO14001 Certified for Environment Management Systems

December 27, 1999

Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. (YMC) is proud to announce that following ISO14001 certifications for international-standard environment management systems at eight of its factory sites, the Hamakita, Soude and Nakaze sites, the Third and Fifth home factory sites, the Morimachi, Arai and Fukuroi sites, and the Headquarters Site, the Toyooka Site has now been officially granted the same ISO14001 certification on December 27 by the Registration Body of the Japan Automobile Research Institute, an independent certification organization.

The Toyooka Site (Toyooka Mura, Iwata-gun, Shizuoka Pref.) refers to the Toyooka factory, a facility primarily involved in the machining/processing of main engine and chassis parts related to the YMC's new-product development testing.

Under the company's "Year 2000 Environmental Plan," YMC set up an internal inspection committee in July of 1998 with company-wide responsibility for initiating full-fledged studies of conditions within the company aimed at establishing comprehensive environmental management systems at the company's various sites. As a result of these efforts, official ISO14001 certification was granted for YMC's Hamakita Site on February 12 of last year, followed by successive certifications for the Soude and Nakaze sites, the Third/Fifth Factory Site, the Morimachi, Arai and Fukuroi sites, and finally the Headquarters Site. Now the Toyooka Site joins the others in being certified as proof that its activities within a comprehensive environment management system encompassing its environmental conservation measures in the areas of policies, planning, implementation/execution, inspection and revision are in practice and written down in manual form in accordance with the ISO14001 international standard.

The certification of the Toyooka Site means that now all nine of YMC's domestic sites received the international ISO14001 standard certification for environmental management within the course of 1999, and in doing so the company has fulfilled one of the major goals of its "Year 2000 Environmental Plan." Furthermore, this company-wide certification including the Headquarters Site's administrative, technology, R&D and purchasing divisions, represents the first such certification awarded to any Japanese 2- or 4-wheel automotive manufacturer.

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