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YMC Headquarters Site Wins ISO14001 Certification for Environment Management Systems First in 2-wheel/4-wheel industry

December 02, 1999

Following successive ISO14001 certifications for international-standard environment management systems at seven of its factory sites, the Hamakita, Soude and Nakaze sites, the Third and Fifth home factory sites and the Morimachi and Arai sites, Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.'s (YMC) Headquarters Site was officially granted the same ISO14001 certification and on Dec. 3 formal presentation of the certificate is made by officials of the Registration Body of the Japan Automobile Research Institute (JARI), an independent certification organization.

The YMC Headquarters Site (Shingai, Iwata City, Shizuoka Pref.) consists primarily of the home office administrative, technology and purchasing departments and the headquarter factories that manufacture engines for Yamaha's main product line of motorcycles and also automobile engines, as well as being the location for the offices of group companies like Yamaha Motor Management Service Co., Ltd. In all, some 6,000 employees work at this large-scale site. The efforts to obtain ISO14001 certification have been coordinated by a Headquarters Site Environment Management Committee (Environment Management Coordinating Director: Ryuichi Yamashita, YMC Managing Director) that was established with task promotion subcommittees in each of the three divisions of Manufacturing, Technology and Administration for the purpose of creating comprehensive environment management systems.

It is of special note that this represents the first international standard ISO14001 certification awarded to a Japanese 2-wheel/4-wheel industry industry company for the full range of overall corporate functions from manufacturing and marketing to technology and management, including the company's manufacturing, business, purchasing, service, engineering, R&D and administrative divisions.

The ISO14001 standard is an international standard established by the International Organization For Standardization (ISO) for environmental management systems that function to reduce the environmental impact of a company's operations. Receiving ISO14001 certification is proof that a corporation implements a comprehensive "Plan - Do - Check - Action" program (environmental management system) under which its policies, planning, implementation, execution, inspection and revision are in practice and written down in manual form in accordance with the ISO14001 international standard.

In compliance with the company's "Year 2000 Environmental Plan," Yamaha Motor set up an internal inspection committee in July of 1998 with company-wide responsibility for initiating full-fledged studies of conditions within the company aimed at establishing comprehensive environmental management systems at the company's various sites. As a result of these efforts, official ISO14001 certification was granted for YMC's Hamakita Site on Feb. 12, the Soude and Nakaze Site on Mar. 25 and then the Third/Fifth site on April 2, the Morimachi and Arai Sites on Aug. 23, the Fukuroi Site on Sept. 23 and now the Headquarters Site. With the one remaining domestic site, the Toyooka Site, scheduled to receive certification before the end of this year this will mean that all nine YMC domestic sites will be ISO14001 certified by the end of 1999.

In September of this year YMC established its new "Year 2010 Environmental Action Plan - Eco-Cite YAMAHA" that sets for the entire company an even more thorough and stringent set of guidelines and goals for promoting environmental preservation in all aspects of our products, technologies and manufacturing processes. The name EcooCite expresses Yamaha Motor's environmental policy for the 21st century of striving to unite concern for Ecology (the environment) with the special Excitement that we at Yamaha call "Kando."

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