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ISO14001 Certification Won for Environment Management Systems For YMC's Number Three & Number Five Sites

April 2, 1999

Following recent acquisition of ISO14001 certification for its Hamakita, Soude and Nakaze factory sites, Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.'s Number Three and Number Five Sites were officially granted this international standard of corporate environmental management systems in a certification committee meeting on March 29 and formal presentation of the certificate was made by officials of the independent Registration Body of the Japan Automobile Research Institute (JARI) on April 2.

In July of 1998, Yamaha Motor set up an internal inspection committee with company-wide responsibility for initiating full-fledged studies of conditions within the company aimed at establishing comprehensive environmental management systems. As a result of these efforts, official ISO14001 certification was granted for YMC's Hamakita Site on Feb. 12 and our Soude and Nakaze Siteon Mar. 25, making the recent certification of the Number Three and Five Sit
e the fourth acquisition by YMC in Japan.

The Number Three and Five Sites consist of Yamaha's Third and Fifth Factories (both located in Tenryu, Iwata City, Shizuoka Pref.), with the former being a factory for steel founding and manufacture of aluminum cast parts, and the latter being an assembly plant for motorcycle, ATV and snowmobile engines.

Following the ISO certification of these four sites, YMC will continue efforts for certification of our remaining five sites in Japan, the Morimachi Site, Arai Site, Fukuroi Site and Toyooka Site, as part of our "The Year 2000 Environmental Plan" agenda. Present plans call for these remaining five sites to receive certification within the year.

The ISO14001 standard is an international standard established by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) for environmental managementsystems that function to reduce the environmental impact of a company's operations. Receiving ISO14001 certification is proof that a corporation implements a comprehensive "Plan - Do - Check - Action" program (environmental management system) under which its policies, planning, implementation, maintenance, inspection and revision are in practice and written down in manual form and in accordance with the ISO14001 international standard.

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