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All new YZF-R6 for 1999 Extreme new R6 middleweight to expand R-series

August 26, 1998

When Yamaha launched the incredible YZF-R1 less than one year ago we totally re-wrote the rule book for the one-litre Supersport class. Lighter, quicker and more powerful than any other machine in the category, the R1 is recognised by the motorcycling press and public as being the most exciting and advanced new model to be released for many years.
The rule book has now been revisited...

New R6: The most uncompromising middleweight ever!
Weighing less than anything in the class, developing significantly more power than any other 600, and running with the shortest wheelbase ever seen in this important category, the all-new Yamaha YZF-R6 breaks all the rules!
Built to totally shake up the 600 Supersport class, this remarkable new extreme-supersport motorcycle offers the very highest levels of engine and chassis technology to the supersport rider.

'99 Yamaha YZF-R6

'99 Yamaha YZF-R6

R6 Model Concept: Highest power. Lowest weight. Unrivalled agility

New R6: R1 technology for the middleweight class
Both subjectively and objectively the Yamaha YZF-R1 is widely regarded as being in another league, and its outstanding success in its debut year has further reinforced Yamaha's commitment to offering all our customers the very best machinery in every class.
With the arrival of the new YZF-R6, middleweight riders can now also experience the most advanced supersport technology and extreme levels of engine and chassis performance.

The ultimate 600 supersport

The all-new Yamaha YZF-R6 is aimed directly at the rider who is looking for the ultimate 600 supersport machine with a higher power output, lower weight and shorter wheelbase than any of the current line-up of bikes in this class. In addition to attracting existing 600 supersport riders, Yamaha believe that the R6's leading power-to-weight ratio and high-agility aluminium chassis will also entice a significant number of riders away from the 750cc supersport class.

R6 Engine

First production motorcycle engine to deliver 200hp/litre!
Developed using today's most advanced technology and an uncompromising, single-minded approach, the free-revving YZF-R6 engine is the first production 4-stroke engine to achieve a power output equivalent to 200hp per litre!
Running with a bore and stroke of 65.5mm x 44.5mm and a compression ratio of 12.4:1, the ultra-compact and extremely light DOHC 600cc liquid-cooled R6 motor revs right through to 15,500rpm, and employs some of the most advanced design and materials technology ever seen on a road-going middleweight.

One-piece cylinder/crankcase

One of significant feature on the new R6 powerplant is its one-piece aluminium cylinder/crankcase assembly which offers a number of important benefits over the traditional system.
Because this one-piece unit is much stiffer than a two-piece type it allows the R6 motor to be used as a fully-stressed member in the new chassis, and this has allowed our designers to develop an even lighter Deltabox II aluminium frame.
In addition to its much higher strength, the one-piece layout is lighter than conventional designs, and also offers superior heat dissipation - a particularly important feature in this high-revving, high performance engine.

R6 Chassis

The ultimate middleweight performer
Yamaha's R-series machines have been specifically developed for the supersport rider who demands the ultimate in engine and chassis performance, and the all-new R6 chassis has been designed and built to outperform every machine in its class, as well as other machines in the 750cc category.

Shortest wheelbase, lowest weight
Two of the most significant factors influencing any machine's handling performance and agility are wheelbase and overall machine weight, and the all-new YZF-R6 leads its rivals in both areas.
At 1380mm, the ultra-short wheelbase is 35mm less than on the YZF600R Thundercat, and with a dry weight of only 169kg, this remarkable new 600 is also a full 18kg lighter!

Aluminium Deltabox II chassis

In order to achieve the lowest weight and shortest wheelbase in its class our designers have developed an all-new Deltabox II aluminium frame, making the R6 the first Yamaha middleweight Supersport to utilise aluminium in its frame construction.
By using the new compact slant-block motor as a fully stressed member, the R6 development team have been successful in creating an ultra-light twin-spar frame which offers massive overall rigidity.
For easy maintenance the rear subframe is fully detachable by removing four aluminium bolts, and to ensure light, precise steering the sturdy headpipe is equipped with low-friction bearings and a lower seal.

Extra-long truss-type aluminium swinging arm

As well as permitting the use of an exceptionally short wheelbase chassis, the development of the compact R6 motor with its low front-to-rear dimensions has also allowed the fitment of an extra-long aluminium swinging arm. Built to a racing specification truss-type design, the swinging arm pivots much closer to the machine's centre point, thereby delivering higher levels of rear wheel traction and enhanced driveability for such a short wheelbase motorcycle.

Fully-adjustable front and rear suspension
Equipped with massive flex-resistant 43mm diameter tubes, the R6’s conventional front forks maintain the highest levels of overall chassis rigidity to deliver outstanding handling performance and accurate rider feedback during extreme supersport riding and racetrack use. Fully adjustable for spring pre-load and compression/rebound damping and fitted with lightweight protectors, these 43mm forks can be set up to suit individual styles and preferences.
High quality Monocross rear suspension features a Bilstein-type shock absorber offering full pre-load and compression/rebound adjustment. Operated by the extra-long lightweight aluminium truss-type swinging arm, this advanced rear shock’s piggyback reservoir helps resist heat-induced fade for excellent rear wheel tracking and precision handling performance.

Technical Specifications*



Liquid-cooled, forward inclined parallel 4-cylinder,
DOHC 16 valve



Bore x Stroke

65.5mm x 44.5mm

Compression ratio


Maximum power

120hp @ 13,000rpm

Maximum torque


Starting system



Wet sump


Keihin CVRD37 with TPS

Primary reduction ratio

86/44 (1.955)

Secondary reduction ratio

48/16 (3.000)

Clutch type

Wet, multiple disc

Transmission type

Constant mesh 6-speed

Gear ratio 1st

37/13 (2.846)

Gear ratio 2nd

37/19 (1.947)

Gear ratio 3rd

28/18 (1.556)

Gear ratio 4th

32/24 (1.333)

Gear ratio 5th

25/21 (1.190)

Gear ratio 6th

26/24 (1.083)

Final transmission



AC magneto


Overall length x width x height

2025 x 690 x 1105

Seat height




Minimum ground clearance


Dry weight


Frame type

Aluminium Deltabox II

Caster / Trail

24o/81 mm

Fuel tank capacity


Front suspension

43mm telescopic forks

Front shock absorber

Coil spring/shock absorber

Rear suspension

Truss-type aluminium swinging arm Monocross system

Rear shock absorber

Coil spring/gas-oil damper

Front wheel

17 x MT 3.50

Front wheel travel


Rear wheel

17 x MT 5.50

Rear wheel travel


Front brake

Dual disc, 298mm diameter

Rear brake

Single disc, 220mm diameter

Front tyre

120/60 ZR17 (55W)

Rear tyre

180/55 ZR17 (73W)


* Specifications are subject to change without notice, in accordance with national regulations and legislations.

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