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New Core Competencies

Technologies to Realize Our Technology Vision

Energy Management

Employ an efficient and targeted array of energy sources to achieve carbon neutrality

Achieving carbon neutrality is a prerequisite for our pursuit of fun mobility, and to that end, we must come up with inventive ways to use energy in line with the needs of our customers around the world, the state of energy production and consumption in each country, as well as the standout features of our products. In addition to electrification, we will pursue efficient usage of other alternative energy sources, such as hydrogen, biofuels, and synthetic fuels.
We will also move to achieve optimal energy usage by cutting away energy losses at production sites, using renewable energy and hydrogen, developing innovative manufacturing and machining methods, and more. We will also aim to generate carbon credits.

Efficiently utilize a spread of energy sources such as hydrogen across powertrains, production systems, and more

Realize a more sustainable world through energy usage suiting a variety of products and services

Ongoing omnidirectional advancement of powertrains and energy conservation with adjustments for the best fit

Intelligent Systems

Machines and vehicles with greater automation and autonomy will lighten the burdens shouldered by people, while their attunement to human sensitivities will amplify the fun factor

Vehicles, robots, and the like achieve automation and autonomy—being able to move and operate alongside people—by making independent judgments based on estimates and predictions of factors like the surrounding environment, human emotions, and a person’s physical positioning. Bringing automation and levels of autonomy to human mobility and workplaces can effectively free people from having to do rote or dangerous tasks and frees up time. Additionally, by providing forms of assistance that feel natural and in tune with human sensitivities, we will make what was only accessible to some easily available to many across a diverse range of environments.

Machines that move and work in sync with humans by recognizing and assessing them as well as the surrounding environment

Expand human capabilities with assistance carefully attuned to human sensitivities
Automate mobility and work tasks to bring people greater freedom

Extensively implement AI with automation and autonomy tailored for each environment to assist people

Software Services

By transforming our leading fundamental technologies into software services, we will provide levels of value unreachable with products alone

To create new value, we will leverage the highly competitive hardware we have developed over the years and offer it as a service packaged with software going forward. Our diverse portfolio of products and numerous production sites are strengths that give us a far and wide reach in terms of customer touchpoints. Taking advantage of those strengths, we will provide fast-acting services that reflect customer feedback and solve their underlying problems, thereby facilitating their continued success.

Offer customer value unattainable through products alone as software services

Provide services that reflect customer feedback and solve their underlying problems, thereby facilitating their own success

Swiftly roll out services that call on our fundamental technology strengths and always maintain customer touchpoints

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