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Fundamental Research

Research to Realize Our Technology Vision

Human Subjects Research

Focus on human subjects research to set us apart and expand human possibilities

We have redefined and positioned human subjects research—which we have been conducting for some time—as fundamental research for us. This stems from our belief that to bring people greater happiness, we must first better understand what it means to be a human being. The scope of human subjects research is wide-ranging and relates to studies in many fields. We will work with a broad and multifaceted perspective regarding human behavior, thoughts, social interactions, cultural contexts, biological aspects, and human growth and development. From this, we aim to gain deep insights about humans that lead to new Kando and a more fulfilling life. We will also contribute to our Safety Vision initiatives through research of human sensibilities and skills and converting those into applicable technologies.

Attain a deeper understanding of human beings
Apply those insights to our products and services

Ascertain people’s emotions and intentions to awaken yet untapped realms of fun and joy

Engage in both multifaceted research and implementation in products and services

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