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Technologies to Realize Yamaha Motor’s Long-Term Vision

A statement by Yamaha Motor’s chief of technology and R&D

The world is undergoing rapid changes, such as COVID-19 transitioning from being a pandemic into being endemic, increased awareness of sustainability, and the acceleration of digital transformation (DX). Against this background, we have established new core technology areas for our R&D pursuits and will ramp up our efforts here. We will also continue to refine our existing core competencies, as they are the linchpin of our fundamental technologies. Through this, we will realize our Long-Term Vision of “ART for Human Possibilities: Let’s strive for greater happiness” and our corporate mission to offer new excitement and a more fulfilling life for people all over the world.

Pursuing Fun and Solving Societal Issues to Create New Value

Kenji Komatsu
Executive Officer, Chief General Manager of the Technical Research & Development Center

Freeing up time and unleashing potential with intelligent systems to create new value for people

Advances in automation and autonomy with machinery, vehicles, and more specifically tailored to various environments can effectively free people from having to do rote or dangerous tasks. Furthermore, providing forms of assistance attuned to human sensitivities serves to awaken dormant abilities and lowers the difficulty of work tasks, thereby expanding human possibilities. We will employ intelligent systems like these to usher in a future where more and more people can dedicate themselves to creative pursuits.

Creating a more sustainable relationship between people, nature, and society through technologies for the environment and user safety

Yamaha Motor’s interpretation of fun mobility is underpinned by our desire to care for the natural environment as we strive to create a safer and happier world. We are committed to developing innovative technologies that will realize the goals of our Environmental Plan 2050 and Safety Vision, and will continue pursuing forms of fun that remain in harmony with nature and society well into the future.

An immersive approach for mobility experiences delivering fun, excitement, and freedom

We will make advances with people-centric vehicles to create new mobility experiences and make the very act of going from one place to another more fun than ever. We will also create highly convenient means of mobility bringing greater independence. Through these and other pursuits, we will raise the value of mobility itself and contribute to providing greater freedom of movement for everyone.

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