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Developing Future Leaders

Introducing examples of activities that contribute to the nurturing of future leaders in the communities

Developing Future Leaders

Accepting Interns under the ABE Initiative

Yamaha Motor accepted university students who came to Japan in September 2016 as short-term interns under the ABE Initiative.

The ABE Initiative is a program that provides young people from Africa with opportunities to study at universities and graduate schools in Japan, as well as internships at Japanese companies. The program was announced in 2013 at the Fifth Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD V) as a public-private policy to support economic growth in Africa.

For this internship program, Yamaha Motor accepted five interns from five African nations, and held a workshop on the theme of “Proposal of business plan for sale of the Yamaha Clean Water Supply System (small-scale water purification system for villages) in your country.”

The interns gave detailed explanations of water issues in their own countries and the problems they wished to solve with the Yamaha Clean Water Supply System, as well as the institutions to be involved and the people that would become potential customers. There was a lively exchange of opinions regarding the efforts required for expanding sales and the methods for enhancing the appeal of the Yamaha brand in Africa.

image. Accepting interns in Japan
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