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Business Partners

Introducing our partnerships with suppliers and business partners in the supply chain

Business Partners

A global procurement and sales network based on a spirit of cooperation and fairness

Yamaha Motor products are created through collaboration with numerous suppliers in Japan and other countries. As our procurement and sales structures expand with our increasingly global business, the Yamaha Motor Group is establishing cooperative relationships with suppliers and dealers in Japan and around the world based on a spirit of mutual trust and mutual benefit. For this reason, we strive to conduct fair business in compliance with the competition laws of all countries and regions while working to create partnerships that aim for mutual, sustainable growth.

Working Together on “Procurement for Engineering, Manufacturing and Marketing”

The Yamaha Motor Group regards its relationship with the supply chain not just as conducting procurement, but as procurement that emphasizes the incorporation of both cost and quality into its engineering, manufacturing and marketing.

An example of these activities is the implementation of “theoretical-value-based production” with suppliers. This does not simply mean demanding cost reductions, but instead involves analyzing the absolute value of production activities together with suppliers, and then working to find more ways to improve cost competitiveness. In order to promote these activities, Yamaha Motor has trained some employees to serve as “theoretical-value instructors” at suppliers.

Fair and Clean Procurement Activities

In the Basic Purchasing Policies, Yamaha Motor states its commitment to “conduct fair trading, based on trust and cooperation, and to constantly strive to build better relationships with suppliers through activities to improve quality, price, delivery times, and other factors,” and sets out policies including “fair and impartial trading,” “compliance and confidentiality,” and “emphasis on the global environment.”

Based on the CSR Guidelines for Suppliers and Green Procurement Guidelines, we also promote CSR efforts throughout the supply chain, in which our policies on safety and quality, human rights and the working environment, consideration for the environment, risk management practices, and strict compliance are communicated to suppliers. Furthermore, we are pursuing activities to address environmental issues together with our suppliers, such as management and reduction of environmentally hazardous substances and the efficient use of resources and energy.

In addition to raising awareness of these efforts among employees and suppliers during the course of regular operations, Yamaha Motor strives to ensure their thorough implementation through the Global Suppliers Conference, which gathers together suppliers from around the world once a year, in addition to a range of workshops held on various occasions.

Activities at Dealerships

As our contact point with customers around the world, dealerships play an important role in conveying Yamaha’s “next Kando.” By strengthening relationships with dealers through regularly held dealer meetings and activities to promote safe driving and support local communities, the Yamaha Motor Group is building a sales network that provides common value.

In Japan, dealers mainly in Yamaha Sports Plaza (YSP), an official Yamaha sports bike dealer system, and Yamaha Motorcycle Sales Japan Co., Ltd., play an important role in building ties with local communities and society by cooperating in a range of measures including motorcycle infrastructure development, motorcycle etiquette training, motorcycle recycling, tree planting, and other environmental campaigns, as well as fundraising for seeing-eye dog training.

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