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Frequently Asked Questions about the operating method

Definitions of the terms described in the catalog, answers to any questions on the specifications of each model.


I bought my first generator at a home center. How do I start the engine?
First, please read the instruction manual carefully. The procedure is roughly as follows.
(1) Fill the specified amount of oil.
(2) Fill the gasoline.
(3) Turn fuel cock to ON.
(4) Turn the engine switch to ON.
(5) Pull the choke.
(6) Pull the recoil starter.
(7) Return the choke once the engine is warmed.
(8) Connect the outlet of the electrical device to be used and then to turn the switch to ON.
Refer to the page "Easy operating procedure".


Can the DC of the generator be connected directly to a radio?
The "DC" function of a generator is for battery-charging only. Please do not connect it directly to a DC device.


I want to install a generator in a camping car; what points should I pay attention to?
Depending on various circumstances such as the electrical equipment to be used, it is necessary to consider vibration, heat, intake and exhaust, wiring, piping, and so on, as well as safety and maintenance. It is recommended that you consult a specialized camping-car-manufacturing company.

• When the generator is operated, it must be situated at a distance of at least 50 cm (with the exhaust port at least 1 m) from the walls (left and right, front and back, and top) and the equipment.
• There is a risk of exhaust-gas poisoning; do not use in locations where the exhaust gas is muffled .
• Do not enclose the periphery of the generator nor use it when covered with a box.
• If the generator is transported in an automobile, fix it firmly to prevent falling.


In the EF1000iS model, the engine emits a “won-won” sound. What should I do?
Try to operate the generator with the cover (as well as the air-vent hose) in a mounted state. The EF1000iS unit is a soundproof model with a hermetically closed structure. The engine is set to allow for normal operation in a closed state. If the cover is not attached, the balance between the engine’s internal and external pressures collapses, causing engine hunting and stall.


I want to enclose the soundproof type of engine in a box to lower its sound. How do I do this?
This may cause problems in engine cooling and exhaust as well as changes in engine performance owing to heat and other difficulties. Do not surround the periphery of the generator, nor cover it with a box.


With a continuous supply of gasoline, can the generator operate continuously for hours? Because a 24-hour continuous operation is desired?
Since gasoline is a highly flammable fuel, for safety, the engine must be stopped when refueling (the same is true in the case of car refueling.) Simultaneously, inspect the engine-oil level, change the oil, etc.


Is it possible to use oil for two-stroke engines, oil for diesel engines, etc.?
For oil, use the oil for gasoline engine cars of "SAE10W-30" SE grade or higher. (SG is too high, but there is an SF, SL, SH, SM, CF, CL, etc., grade. Recently, 0W-30,5W-30 oil grades are also commercially available. These are similarly OK but expensive. ) Although the engine will not break down immediately when using the oils mentioned in the question, they are still not recommended, as they would have a significant impact upon engine durability (because oils for two-stroke and diesel engines contain various additives required for the given engines).


What happens if a low load is always used?
If operation is performed at all times at less than approximately 20% of the rated load, the combustion temperature will not be sufficiently high and the spark plug will become wet, causing starting failure, or unburned gas or oil may accumulate in the muffler (the spark arrestor in the muffler-tail section may become easily clogged). You should try to operate at the rated load from time to time and hasten periodic inspection (in particular, cleaning of the spark plug and spark arrester, checking of the oil level, performing oil changes, etc.).


Is it possible to vent exhaust farther away by mounting an extension pipe to the muffler-exhaust hole?
Not recommended. There is a risk of damage due to vibration or the likes by way of the connection. Change in the engine performance should also be considered.


I would like to use the generator with an extension cord; is there any problem with this?
A long cord will cause a voltage drop in relation to the specific resistance of the cord. In a generator supplying 100 V, the voltage will drop below 100 V at the tip of the cord. Depending on the cross-sectional area of the cord and the current, as a rule, the voltage will drop by 2 – 3 V for a 10-m cord, 5–6 V for a 20-m cord, and 8–10 V for 30-m cord.
Therefore, also depending on the equipment to be used, using a very long cord is not recommended.


Why can DC and AC not be taken simultaneously from the EF2400iS model?
In EF2400iS, economy control is a standard specification, and the OFF function is not attached. Since the DC output is in a mechanism, that output changes in accordance with the rotational speed of the power-generating body (= engine-rotation speed); when taking out the AC, the engine-rotation speed will vary.
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