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Main features

This is an introduction to the main features of the Yamaha generator. The generator was developed for enhancing stable power-generation capabilities and a wide range of applications.

Yamaha generators create good-quality electric power,
offering convenience, happiness, and reliability.

For outdoor work,

owing to its stable power generation and silent design, Yamaha generators are ideal for hobbies such as gardening or woodworking, construction, and mobile shops.

For leisure scenes,

because of its small size, a Yamaha generator works very successfully in leisure applications such as camping and fishing, outdoor play, and the likes. It works even more comfortably if connected to the electrical output of a car.

In case of emergency,

Yamaha generators can manage both large-capacity output and long-run operation. From powering a household to acting as a backup supply for a store, they will be helpful in the event of a disaster.

Three types of configurations: "Inverter," “FW,” and "Standard"

Yamaha generators can roughly be classified into three configurations, i.e. "Inverter," "FW," and "Standard," each with different characteristics. The type will be selected to match the application situation. First, the Standard type adopts a simple structure, which is inexpensive and yields high output. The Inverter type provides high-quality electricity and can also be used safely in precision equipment such as a personal computer with a built-in microprocessor; it consumes low amounts of fuel and is compact. The FW type can be considered as a generator with intermediate characteristics; that is, it produces better-quality electricity than the Standard type and has a more reasonable price than the Inverter type.

Performance and reliability of the Yamaha engine

High-performance with concentrated Yamaha technology.

High-performance with concentrated Yamaha technology. Built-in, four-stroke, OVH engine developed with Yamaha engine technology. While exhibiting enhanced high-power and eco performance, it boasts superior durability and reliability.

Pursuit of excellent operability.

Operating elements are laid out functionally, considering smooth operability. An oil-warning light* and an abnormal-output indicator light* are also provided.
* Depending on the model, some of these may not be provided.

Optimal design for individuals and the environment

Compliance with exhaust gas regulations:

The discussed generator products have achieved the exhaust gas emissions necessary to clear "California Air Resources Board (CARB)” requirements, which are among the most stringent exhaust gas regulations in the world. In addition to low noise design, all plastic parts, except those lighter than 100 grams, are marked as plastic to enable the ease of separately collecting these parts. Furthermore, detailed environmental safety precautions were employed such as the use of non-asbestos materials, a chlorofluorocarbon-free production process, and packaging without foamed materials. Thus, a reduction in exhaust gas was achieved.

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