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MX Series Features

Introduction to the special features of our Multi Purpose Engine.

Hemispherical combustion chamber and Valve setting angle

Optimization of the combustion chamber
shape and valve setting angle, as well as
adjustment of the intake port shape
improves combustion speed, efficiency
and fuel consumption.

HEMI-head & V-valve layout:
[MX250, MX300, MX360, MX400]

OFFSET cylinder

To be pushed the crank down directly,
the cylinder arranged off from the crank-
shaft center.
Offset cylinder:
[MX360, MX400]

Clean P.T.O. face

The clean P.T.O. mounting face without
exhaust components improves mountabil-
ity to machinery.
Clean P.T.O.:
[All MX engine]

Fine starter case

Rust free & angle adjustable durable
polymer starter case.
The starter knob position can be adjusted
by each 45 degrees(MX175, MX200), or
60 degrees(MX250 - MX400)

Upper mounted Air-cleaner

Newly designed dual filtration system
mounted upper level to taking cleaner

Toughness moving parts

Microwave harden Crankshaft, Camshaft
and optional Balancer shaft with dual
bearing support provide extremely long

Crankshaft & camshaft:
[All MX engines]

Balancer shaft:
Standard [MX360, MX400]
Optional [MX250, MX300]

Dual oil gauge

Both sides accessible oil gauge allows
oil level inspection easily.

Dual oil gauge

Both sides accessible large bolt ease of
Large drain hole allows quicker draining.

MX175 : φ10mm
MX250-400 : φ12mm

Concentrated control

Fuel cock, Choke lever, Throttle lever,
Engine ON/OFF switch and Starter grip
are concentrated for easier operation.

High-tech exhaust valve

Stellite® coated and tufftride® finished
exhaust valve resists very high

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