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About Yamaha Inverter System

Introduction to the features of our inverter systems.

Firstly, it is important to define an inverter.

An inverter is a type of equipment that
regulates frequency and stabilizes output power.

High quality electric power is required for the proper operation of units and equipment, such as PCs and electrical equipment, in which a microcomputer is embedded. “High quality” refers to frequencies and voltages with small variations and fluctuations. An “inverter” is an example of equipment that can provide this level of “high quality,” i.e., it converts direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC). An inverter is installed in a generator that first generates AC and then converts it into DC using equipment referred to as a converter. Following this, the DC is re-converted into AC using an inverter. The frequency of AC power is controlled and variations of output power are suppressed during this conversion.

Major Features of a Yamaha Inverter Generator

1. High quality electric power

It produces a stable output due to the inverter operations: The proposed inverter generator is an optimal choice while using equipment that requires high quality electric power, including PCs and precision instruments. It ensures proper operation of the abovementioned PCs and instruments.

2. Lightweight and compact

It is lightweight and compact due to the small body of the generator and can be easily transported.

3. Expected Energy saving (High fuel consumption)

The proposed inverter generator provides good fuel consumption using an "Economy Control” to properly control engine output in response to the load magnitude.

4. Noise reduction design

The soundproof cover ensures silent operation of the generator.

Major electrical equipment in which an inverter is used:

Inverter air conditioner

An inverter is used in a compressor of an air conditioner to compress coolant. A conventional air conditioner switches on/off a compressor to control temperature, thereby making room temperature unstable, increasing power consumption, and decreasing efficiency. In contrast, an inverter air conditioner can provide better comfort and increase energy saving performance to a considerable extent because the compressor is optimally controlled in response to room temperature.

Inverter fluorescent lamp

An inverter used in a fluorescent lamp increases power supply frequency and lights the lamp to reduce light flickering. These types of lamps are bright but gentle on the human eye and consume a small amount of power.

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