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Frequently Asked Questions concerning repair, maintenance, and storage

Definitions of the terms described in the catalog, answers to any questions on the specifications of each model.


I made my purchase for disaster prevention. How do I store and handle it?
It is recommended that the engine should be started once a month and a test should be run for approximately 10 min under a load such as lighting.
※ For more detail, refer to the “Storage of the generator” section of the “Easy guide to maintenance.”


Is it good to refill oil?
To prolong the life of the engine, it is recommended to change the total amount of oil regularly, without refilling. As a guideline, replace the engine oil every 100 h of total use time.
Reason: The engine oil undergoes deterioration over time if exposed to the high temperature of the engine.


What will happen to the engine if I use it even after the oil-change time?
This is related to the life of the engine. The wear on each component may occur faster. Regular oil changes are recommended.


What happens if too much oil is added?
The resistance in the engine may increase, oil may leak out from the air cleaner through the breather hose, or white smoke may be emitted from the muffler. In some cases, there is also a possibility that the oil may accumulate in the muffler to impair the performance. Apply the amount specified in the manual.
The reason for an excess amount of oil can also be owing to the tilt position of the generator. Arrange the generator horizontally and fill the specified amount into the oil hole via an oil jug or simply by wrapping an A4-sized paper around the hole.
(In the horizontal position of the generator, the specified oil amount should be until the ridge scrape of the oil-supply hole.)


What happens if the amount of oil is too small? Why does the engine stop when the oil is low?
Engine oil is consumed gradually during operation. When it reaches a certain level or less, the oil-warning device activates to prevent the burning of the engine; a red warning lamp is lit; and the engine is stopped for protection. If no oil is added (oil is insufficient), a red lamp is lit upon pulling the recoil starter to indicate the missing (insufficient) oil.


In a four-stroke generator, is oil consumption reduced?
Moving parts such as pistons, cranks, and valves, consume oil. In the case of the EF1000iS model, approximately 2–3 cc of oil is consumed during one hour of operation (this is a reference number; note that it may vary depending on conditions such as the temperature, load, and maintenance state of the engine).
For example, in the EF1000iS model, the specified oil amount is 320 cc and, when it is reduced to 130 cc, the oil-warning device will come into action, stopping the engine automatically. With a simple calculation, the generator can be operated for 190 cc ÷ 2–3cc = 95–63 hours but, in the meantime, oil will deteriorate and impurities will form. Therefore, for the first time, change the oil after the earlier of 1 month or 20 h of operation; subsequently, change the oil after the earlier of 6 months or 100 h of operation. The generator can be used with confidence for many years.
* Be sure to check the amount of oil before using the generator.


Where can I buy parts??
Please contact the dealer selling the generator.
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