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2-seater ELECTRIC Model

Introduces the periodic maintenance guide.

2-seater ELECTRIC Model

Daily Maintenance

Daily Maintenance

1- Battery charging

Check the battery charging level.

2- Battery

Clean battery tops, check for tightness of hold-down and terminals.

3- Chassis

Check tigtness of all bolts, nuts, screws, and rivets.

4- Pedal

Check brake pedal freeplay and adjust if necessary.

5- Steering

Check the smooth steering operation.

6- Tires

Check tire pressure, tread depth, tire surface for damage.

7- Shift switch

Check the function of the drive select switch and reverse alarm.

Monthly maintenance

1- Battery

Check the electrolyte level , and neutralization.

2- Electrical connections

Check the electrical connections.

3- Pedal

Cleaning and lubricating in the pedal control area.
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