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Operation at both the resort and course

Operation at both the resort and course

Operation at both the resort and course Operation at both the resort and course

Manage the hotel/resort With golf course

Business challenges common to all

Large distances between the accommodation and the golf course making it difficult to operate in an integrated manner.

I want to efficiently maintain hotel facilities

We want to reduce noise and gas emission on golf courses, helping to provide more enjoyable golf play.

We also do not want to affect the experience of guest’s stay at the hotel due to the operating noise of our carts.

Offering Solutions

01Introduction of a multi-seater model

Yamaha's multi-seater golf carts provide comfortable travel space for up to seven passengers at a time.

Expected results

  • Make user movement comfortable and timely, and reduce operational handicaps due to distance

Introduction of a multi-seater model

02Yamaha’s Electric Carts

Yamaha electric carts are extremely quiet.
As our carts are quiet and powerful, they can work very efficiently in a variety of situations.

Expected results

  • Guests can enjoy a great golfing experience and have a comfortable stay while using the various facilities.
  • In addition, the carts can provide an optimum service to guests as they can move around quietly even at night for catering and other cleaning services.

Yamaha’s Electric Carts

03UMX model introduction

The UMX model helps with essential hotel operations with its large cargo bed and a variety of accessories.

Expected results

  • Transforms a range of maintenance at hotels etc. into more quiet and efficient operations

UMX model introduction

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