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Course damage by cart

Course damage by cart

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Customer use golf cart in fairway, but I am worried about damaging the course

Business challenges common to all

Damage to the turf occurs when entering the fairway in wet conditions

Damage to the turf occurs as the cart running area is limited

Carts are damaged when they enter prohibited areas such as greens and tees

Offering Solutions

01Introduction of the 2seater EFI model

Yamaha Drive2 is the lightest vehicle in its class and minimizes damage to turf

Expected results

  • Reduced damage when driving on turf through less weight of the cart vehicle itself (20% reduction compared to other companies' electric models)

Introduction of the 2seater FI model

02Introducing the YamaTrack GPS system

Setting of cart driving prohibited areas that can be changed at any time by area control function

  • Only the cart pass can be used in wet conditions.
  • Temporary restrictions on driving in poorly conditioned areas
  • Prohibiting driving in areas of significance such as bunkers, greens and tees

Expected results

  • Achieving greater planned turf management through setting cart running areas according to the conditions

Introducing the YamaTrack GPS system

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