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High Cart maintenance costs

High Cart maintenance costs

Support Support

I want to reduce the maintenance cost on our carts.

Business challenges common to all

High cost of replacement parts to maintain carts

Cart maintenance takes time and labor costs are high

Offering Solutions

01Introduction of the Drive2 EFI engine model

Yamaha Drive2 achieves the industry's highest ranking cruising range with its low fuel consumption and larger fuel tank. In addition, its highly reliable in-house designed golf cart engine requires minimal replacement of parts.

Expected results

  • Reduction of maintenance costs by gradually reducing cart management (battery supplement charging, fluid replacement, replacement cost $2,000/4 years → $0)

Introduction of the Drive2FI engine model

02Introduction of the 2 seater Li model

Unlike lead batteries, lithium batteries do not require refilling work due to their structure. In addition, the battery life is longer than that of lead batteries, so replacement costs and work involved can be saved in the long run.

  • Even after the 5-year warranty, the battery could still have up to 80% amp-hour life remaining! *

Expected results

  • As maintenance work and costs are less than lead batteries, it is easier to create expense plans helping to contribute to more efficient golf course management.
  • The cost of the vehicle can be reduced in the long run as the resale value of lithium model vehicles in the market is high even after 4 to 5 years of use. Vehicle cost (new car price-resale price) + running costs can be expected to be saved.

Introduction of the 2 seater Li model

03Introducing the YamaTrack GPS system

Centrally manage maintenance information for multiple carts at the clubhouse using the cart information management system

Expected results

  • Reduction of maintenance time by streamlining cart maintenance

Introducing the YamaTrack GPS system

04Introducing electromagnetic induction golf cars

Automation of cart driving with electromagnetic induction functions requiring less input from players or caddies

Expected results

  • Reduction of cart repair costs due to less driving accidents

Introducing electromagnetic induction golf cars

05Yamaha’s After-Sales Support

The quality of Yamaha products is continually improved based on our customer feedback.

After-sales services will be provided by a trained distributor. In addition, as service response and parts supply routes have been well established, maintenance and breakdowns can be responded to quickly.

Expected results

  • Therefore, customers can use Yamaha carts with not only peace of mind, but with confidence for a very long time after purchase.
  • Appropriate responses from local distributors are available even for sudden repair requirements and accident response.
  • Improved operational efficiency can be provided by further reducing cart downtimes.
  • As a result, golf courses can further contribute to improving the golf experience for their players.

Introducing electromagnetic induction golf cars

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