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PWseries TE

PWseries TE a 3rd generation ride unit with a focus on providing comfort and a stable ride in city areas.

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“The pursuit of comfort” Yamaha's long-awaited 3rd generation drive unit focuses on providing comfort and a stable ride in urban areas, coping effortlessly with road conditions including steep climbs. This technology has been developed to be more powerful, easier to use, and intelligently adapted to its riding environment.


The Quad Sensor System™

Four sensors that support your riding experience

The Quad Sensor System adds an angle sensor to detect the bike's angle of climb or descent, in addition to the existing ride speed, crank rotation, and pedaling torque sensors. The system automatically detects riding conditions such as hill starts, and delivers the appropriate assist power and smooth acceleration.

How "The Quad Sensor System™" works

Automatic Support Mode™

Provides intelligent and natural assistance with a lightweight feel from the moment you start pedaling to the end of your ride

The drive unit is designed to automatically provide natural-feeling power assistance. Each of the sensors automatically monitors the riding conditions, and algorithms provide finely-tuned, rider-friendly pedal assistance. The system can even automatically change the support mode at the appropriate moment as you ride. There are four power assistance modes (plus the mode where assistance is turned off) which you can select to suit the riding conditions, and you can change mode as you ride along. Each mode provides you with intelligent, natural power assist with a lightweight feel, delivering a comfortable and enjoyable riding experience.

How "Automatic Support Mode™" works

Support mode changes automatically


Drive unit Center Motor
Weight 3.4 kg
Rated power 250 W
Max. torque 60 Nm
Max. cadence 100 rpm
Max support Speed 25 km/h
Support Mode (%) 4 modes

*Depending on battery condition and circumstances


*Depending on battery condition and circumstances

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