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Learn about the technology that makes Yamaha's power assist systems special



Bringing rider and machine together as one: that is the long-standing and exclusive development ideal of Yamaha.
We are constantly enhancing our systems with the technology necessary to deliver to the user the seductive exhilaration of a flawless ride.

Yamaha’s Distinctive Qualities

01|Extensive Experience

Extensive experience in the e-Bike business verifies the Yamaha e-Bike System as a first class product.
The World‘s first Power Assist Bicycle was sold in 1993 Over 5 million units shipped worldwide.

Extensive Experience

02|Approved by technicians

Over the years, Yamaha has earned a reputation for high standard quality, offering e-Bike Systems with excellent reliability.

  • Maintenance free: the unit needs no regular replacement of internal components. Ride far without the worries of not having your trusted technician nearby.
  • Features excellent resistance to external factors and overheating. Just ride longer and enjoy a wide variety of landscapes.
Approved by technicians

03|Intuitive operation and natural riding

Drawing from Yamaha's long history of engagement with motorsports, the assist setting know-how applied to Yamaha's e-Bike Systems provides a powerful yet natural and intuitive riding experience.

Intuitive operation and natural riding

Sensing technology that supports your riding experience
Based on its sensing technology, the system automatically detects riding conditions and delivers the appropriate assist power and acceleration.

Yamaha e-Bike System Sensing Technology

Yamaha e-Bike System Sensing Technology

04|Automatic Support Mode

The expression of Yamaha's tuning know-how in each riding scenario
Each of the sensors monitors the riding conditions, and algorithms automatically select the appropriate level of pedal assistance. The result is a fine-tuned, user-friendly ride.
The algorithms are created individually for each of the drive units on the lineup, creating the experience expected for each riding situation. If you wish to shift between assist modes manually, you can turn the Automatic Support Mode off.

Automatic Support Mode

Examples of “Automatic Support Mode”application
Support mode changes automatically

Riding up hill

Riding up hill

Against the wind

Against the wind



Complete drive unit lineup for different applications

Our engineers take advantage of those technologies to fine-tune each system optimally for each underlying riding concept.

Mountain Biking

Sports and Trail

Trekking and Adventure

Comfortable Commuting

Daily City Ride

Core Rider

Casual Rider

Paved Road

Rough Terrain


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