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PWseries C2

Natural and dependable ride

PWseries TE Natural and dependable ride

It just feels so natural!

A perfectly natural, comfortable and enjoyable ride through a wide set of circumstances is the ultimate aim of the PWseries C2.
Close attention to the balance between torque, noise and weight, allied to the refinement of the Automatic Support Mode brings you closer to the ideal ride.


01|Well-balanced riding support

The PWseries C2 offers 55 Nm of torque through a meticulous assist setting to provide the most enjoyable riding feeling. The rider should experience a light and comfortable ride with proper yet natural support.


02|Runs quietly

Yamaha strived to offer a unit with comfortable pedaling support while running very quietly. With the PWseries C2, early morning rides in the park instantly become a relaxing nature-immersive experience.

Most quiet drive unit

03|Compact design

The ideal of unity of power assist unit and bike is also perceivable to the eye. The PWseries C2 compact design gives a sharp and overall clean look to the bike.

Compact design

04|Automatic Support Mode

The PWseries C2 uses Yamaha Motor's extensive software setting know-how in its Automatic Support Mode. The system copes swiftly with constant changes in riding conditions – think of those upwind rides, and constant stops and starts for traffic lights – by automatically selecting the most appropriate support mode. The Automatic Support Mode also provides strong and smooth support for every start. It can be deactivated at the will of the rider.

Automatic Support Mode

Examples of “Automatic Support Mode” application
Support mode changes automatically

Riding up hill

Riding up hill

Against the wind

Against the wind



05|Walk assist

Handling an e-Bike should not be a burden when you are off it. The walk assist in the PWseries C2 comes in handy when pushing the bike, even up steep slopes or when the bike is carrying heavy loads.

Walk assist

06|Utterly reliable

No compromise when it comes to reliability!

Over the years, Yamaha Motor has earned a reputation for high standard quality, offering e-Bike Systems with excellent reliability. A dependable drive unit for city ride is the key to reduce risk of getting late to work or wasting precious leisure time. An e-Bike equipped with the PWseries C2 is ready to be your daily transportation choice. The unit needs no regular replacement of internal components. Ride far without the worries of not having your trusted technician nearby.


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