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Yamaha Motor Revs Your Heart

WaveRunner (PWC, MarineJet)


This page introduces technologies used in WaveRunner.


NanoXcel2 Body

The ultralight material NanoXcel version 2, exclusive to Yamaha Motor's personal watercraft NanoXcel is a material for making the hulls of personal watercraft, and is born from Yamaha Motor's unique materials technologies. After further improvements to the material, NanoXcel2 is 18% lighter than its predecessor.
NanoXcel2 still has similar levels of strength and rigidity, and as with NanoXcel, repairs can be made.

NanoXcel Body

Yamaha's lightweight hulls and deck are engineered on a molecular level using nanotechnology, a process that build up thousands of tiny layers of NanoXcel material. The result is a hull that's not only incredibly strong, but also exceptionally light, contributing to the impressive power - to - weight ratio, agile ride and industry-leading fuel economy on NanoXcel models.


1,812cc Supercharged Super Vortex High Output Engine

This engine, with its 160mm, 8-vane pump, delivers amazing power. The EFI system increases performance and fuel efficiency across the rev range, while high-performance forged pistons and advanced oil and air cooling systems ensure total reliability. The latest scoop grate and ride plate designs complete the picture.

1,812 cc High Output Engine

Power delivery from the large displacement, High Output 1812cc engine is exhilarating – and the Hyper-Flow jet pump with its 3-blade impeller helps turn that power into electrifying acceleration. The Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) gives the smoothest possible power output and efficient, economical running, even on regular unleaded fuel.

1,049cc , 3-cylinder Engine

This is our brand new engine, the 1049cc 3-cylinder TR-1. This surprisingly compact and lightweight unit packs a real punch and offers lively acceleration and great top-end power, along with economy and reliability. The light weight also brings superior handling, agility and balance.

Key Feature

Connext Touchscreen for FX Series

Connext Touchscreen is the Industry’s First Color Touchscreen Instrumentation. The FX Series is the first personal watercraft to feature a multi-color LCD touchscreen.
It offers more fuel usage information than before, it even comes with Yamaha’s Drive Control for watersports towing, and Security Mode.
Drive Control allows operators to program engine speeds and acceleration curves.


RiDE (Reverse with Intuitive Deceleration Electronics) Reversing and speed reduction can be controlled using the left lever.
RiDE provides an easy-to-handle system by allowing an intuitive operation as well as stable rider posture when reversing or reducing speed.

Electric Trim for FX and GP series

Trim can be adjusted simply by operating the buttons laid out on the left handle switch box. There are 5 trim positions available (2 upper positions, a center position, and 2 lower positions), providing the type of acceleration and handling that the rider demands.

Cruise Assist / No Wake Mode

By setting a consistent engine speed, Cruise Assist reduces throttle fatigue – making long tours more comfortable, while No Wake Mode caps the engine's RPMs at an easy idle speed.

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