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This page outlines the JetBlaster.


Fun, fun, fun!!!

Playful agility meets versatility in an all-new personal watercraft experience.

Color & Specifications

Outlines the Color & Specifications of the JetBlaster.


Outlines the Features of the JetBlaster.

Lightweight feeling handlebar

Wide handlebar and round hand grips offer the riders more controllable and comfortable positioning when riding standing-up.

Integrated Foot Chocks

The integrated foot chocks at the rear of the footwells provide wider support range and traction when riding standing-up.

Electric Trim

The Trim can be adjusted simply by operating the buttons on the left handle switch box. It gives riders much more nimble, playful feelings.

More Powerful TR-1 HO Engine

Powering the Jet Blaster is Yamaha’s award-winning, three-cylinder TR-1 HO marine engine that comes with a modified engine control unit (ECU) that increases horsepower by 10 percent compared to the rest of the EX line.


RiDE - a new and intuitive way to control your PWC when running, turning, decelerating and reversing. Providing peace of mind and more fun cruise with stress-free control and allowing for rapid deceleration and more stable riding during deceleration.


After starting the engine, use the right lever to take off smoothly from rest.


Use the right lever throttle and steering control to turn. It's also possible to steer while decelerating (using the left lever).


As with traditional PWCs, you can decelerate by releasing the right lever. But now you can also decelerate stably by simply using the left lever.


Simple operation of the left lever allows reversing without the need to remove your hands from the handlebars.

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