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This page outlines the SuperJet.


Stand Up To The Challenge

All-new, ground up design, easier to ride for a new generation of stand-up enthusiasts.

Color & Specifications

Outlines the Color & Specifications of the SuperJet.


Outlines the Features of the SuperJet.

New Styling

Aggressive, cool styling designed for the new SuperJet.
With a body design that makes you feel the agility and elemental pipe shape steering pole, it is shaped into be Race Track Ready.

Excellent Hull Performance

The newly designed compact and front-wide hull allows various customers to enjoy stable straight riding performance and sharp, stable turns.
In addition, it is finished with a high-performance hull that can be used for racing.

Jet pump

The 144mm Jet pump of EX model is adopted and exclusively modified.
The impeller and top-loader intake are exclusively developed. They make enable to flow more clean water into the pump, and contribute the acceleration performance (hook-up) and top speed.

Adjustable Steering pole

Stylish and easy-to-handle pipe shape is adopted.
The length of the pole can be adjusted in three-stages (up to 50mm/2 inch) according to the rider’s body type and riding style.

  • Body and seat colors may differ from the actual models. In some cases, photos from other models may have been used. Please consult your nearest dealer before purchase.
  • Please consult your nearest dealer for details regarding equipment and optional parts.
  • Accessories shown in the photos are not included with these products.
  • Product names, coloring and graphics may differ by country or area.
  • Specifications are subject to change without notice.
  • These photos are intended to show race conditions. So the rider is wearing a helmet.
  • Available for closed course competition use only in USA and EU countries except France.
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