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Connext Touchscreen for FX Series

This page introduces Connext.

Industry 1st Color Touchscreen

CONNEXT is the industry’s first color touchscreen display.

It offers all vital system information, customized features and includes Drive Control technology for personalizing riding experiences.


01Connext Drive Control

The Dive Control mode is a function for setting the maximum watercraft speed and acceleration for customizing operator’s ride.

Useful for...

  • Stable towing tube or wakeboards
  • Optimum fuel economy on longer trips
  • Lock in lower RPM settings for support inexperienced operators etc…

Drive Control allows operators to program engine speeds and acceleration curves.
Operator can select from 3 speed mode and 2 acceleration mode, total 6 combinations of drive mode.
It is useful for stable towing tube or wakeboard, optimum fuel economy on longer trip etc.

02REVERSE ASSIST (Adjustable speed)

The Reverse Assist is a function for temporarily increasing the engine speed when moving in reverse, such as to enter the water smoothly when launching the watercraft from a trailer.

Reverse Assist rpm(approx.)

RiDE: 3,500rpm
Reverse Assist +1~+2: ~4,300rpm

03THRUST DIRECTIONAL ENHANCER (T.D.E., Ultra slow speed maneuvering mode)

The T.D.E. is a function for slightly lifting or lowering the reverse gate from the neutral position to operate the watercraft at very slow speeds when the engine is running at idling speed.

Useful when...

  • The approaching docs, tying up to other boats, keeping position on the water etc...

Set Neutral position, push the TRIM/T.D.E. switch

  • Up: Slightly moving forward
  • Down: Slightly moving backward


The No Wake mode is a function that maintains the engine speed at a fixed setting for operating the watercraft at low speeds.

No wake mode speed of SVHO/HO(approx., 1 person riding)

  • No Wake(standard): 8km/h
  • No Wake +1: standard +1km/h
  • No Wake -1: standard -1km/h


The Cruise Assist is a function for maintaining a desired engine speed within a fi xed range while operating watercraft.
Once the cruise assist is activated, the set engine speed can be increase or decreased with the speed control switch.


The Yamaha Security System functions to help prevent unauthorized use or theft of the water craft.
The engine cannot be started if the lock mode of the security system is selected.



It is available to adjust the brightness and change the accent colors in the Setting function.


The display language can be selected from following language.


The display units can be selected.

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