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220v-60hz 1-3kva

Representative model, spec.

  • Inverter

    A computer-controlled inverter ensures high-quality electricity.

  • Economy control

    Economy control
    Regulates engine rpm accordance with actual electricity load for greater fuel economy and quietness.

  • Electronic circuit breaker

    Circuit breaker
    [Computer controlled]

    Automatically cuts off the current when the output voltage exceeds the designated maximum capacity.

  • 4-stroke OHV engine

    4-stroke OHV engine
    Compact size, high power, low fuel consumption & low noise level.

  • Oil warning system

    Oil warning system
    Engine stops automatically when oil level(pressure) has fallen below the prescribed level.

  • Auto decompressor

    Auto decompressor
    Light recoil starting.

  • DC output capability

    DC output capability
    Convenient for battery charging.

  • Fuel gauge

    Fuel gauge
    Fuel level confirmation at a glance.

  • Carrying Handle

    Carrying Handle
    Easy to carry.

  • Soundproof type

    Soundproof type

  • Parallel operation

    Parallel operation

On all models

On some models

Specification Sheet

Type Inverter type
Rated voltage (V) 220
Frequency (Hz) 60
Rated output (kVA) 1.6
Max output (kVA) 2.0
Rated output (kVA) in Parallel use 3.0
DC output 12V/8A
Engine MZ80 : 4-stroke OHV pressure air-cooled
Starting system Recoil *1
L*W*H (mm) 490*280*445
Dry Weight (kg) 20
Fuel tank capacity(full)(l) 4.2
Operating Hours (Hr/ 1/4 load) 10.5 (Economy control system : ON)
Operating Hours (Hr/ rated load) 4.2 (Economy control system : ON)
Noise Level (db A)(7m) 51.5(1/4 load)-61.0(rated load) (Economy control system : ON)
Voltage regulator Inverter
Circuit breaker system Computer controlled
Fuel level gauge
Oil level warning system
Pilot lamp
Economy control system
Voltage fluctuation
Instantaneous Less than 25%
Setting Less than 5%
Setting time Within 2 secs.
Frequency stability Less than ± 0.1Hz
Waveform distortion Less than 2.5%
Transportation kit Option
DC charging leads

Please read your owner's manual and all labels before operation.
*1 Recoil hand start

No.1 in Ease of Use.All-in-one Control Panel

EF2000iS is No.1 in ease of use.

As with the popular EF2400iS, all the starter and control functions are gathered in one place on the front panel. You can do all the operations to start and run your EF2000iS from the same position.
We have positioned the re-coil type starter pull and switch panel for easier access.

Retro-modern Styling

Beautiful design to match in any leisure usage.
New retro-modern styled re-coil starter protection ring.

With the new EF2000iS, Yamaha has created a new design identity that fits a handy inverter series.
The aim was to create design that is emotional with reminders of the good old days and new value at the same time.
This is how the new EF2000iS design was born, with a nostalgic round form and functional geometrical design combining to create retro-modern styling.

Parallel Use Function for Wider Range of Uses

This model is outfitted with a parallel-use function as standard equipment to enable the use of two generators to accommodate a wider range of uses (widened range of output needs).
You can connect two units of EF2000iS by using the optional terminal unit assy.
Professional users operating a variety of precision devices sometimes need a little more output.
With the EF2000iS you can connect two units to get the added output for a variety work uses.

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