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220v-50hz 1-3kva

Representative model, spec.

  • Inverter

    A computer-controlled inverter ensures high-quality electricity.

  • Economy control

    Economy control
    Regulates engine rpm accordance with actual electricity load for greater fuel economy and quietness.

  • Electronic circuit breaker

    Circuit breaker
    [Computer controlled]

    Automatically cuts off the current when the output voltage exceeds the designated maximum capacity.

  • 4-stroke OHV engine

    4-stroke OHV engine
    Compact size, high power, low fuel consumption & low noise level.

  • Oil warning system

    Oil warning system
    Engine stops automatically when oil level(pressure) has fallen below the prescribed level.

  • Auto decompressor

    Auto decompressor
    Light recoil starting.

  • DC output capability

    DC output capability
    Convenient for battery charging.

  • Fuel gauge

    Fuel gauge
    Fuel level confirmation at a glance.

  • Frame

    Easy to carry & solid protection.

On all models

On some models

Specification Sheet

Type Inverter type
Rated voltage (V) 220
Frequency (Hz) 50
Rated output (kVA) 2.5
Max output (kVA) 2.8
DC output ×
Engine MZ175:4-stroke OHV pressure air cooled
Starting system Recoil *1
L*W*H (mm) 487*395*425
Dry Weight (kg) 29
Fuel tank capacity(full)(l) 11.2
Operating Hours (Hr/ 1/4 load) 17.0(Economy control system : ON)
Operating Hours (Hr/ rated load) 7.7(Economy control system : ON)
Noise Level (db A)(7m) 65.0(1/4 load)-68.0(rated load)(Economy control system : ON)
Voltage regulator Inverter
Circuit breaker system Computer controlled
Fuel level gauge
Oil level warning system
Pilot lamp
Economy control system
Voltage fluctuation
Instantaneous Less than 25%
Setting Less than 1%
Setting time Within 2 secs.
Frequency stability Less than ± 0.1Hz
Waveform distortion Less than 2.5%
Transportation kit ×
DC charging leads ×

Please read your owner's manual and all labels before operation.
*1 Recoil hand start

Lightest Weight in its Class!

The EF2800i adopts a multipolar alternator known for excellent ratio of power output to weight. Other features like the adoption of an electrical governor and an array of lightweight design features throughout, help this model achieve the lightest weight in class at about 30kg(approx. 64 lbs.). This light body offers the big convenience of single-person portability.

Easy to Use Compact Design!

Thorough compact-design measures like the adoption of a multipolar alternator have given the EF2800i a smallest-in-class body size equivalent to just 81.8 liters (approx. 21.4 gallons) of volume. Boasting an overall length of just 487mm and overall width of 395mm, this model can easily be loaded into a car or other vehicle with plenty of room to spare.

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