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120v-60hz 0-1kva

Representative model, spec.

  • 4-stroke OHV engine

    4-stroke OHV engine
    Compact size, high power, low fuel consumption & low noise level.

  • Brushless generator

    Brushless generator
    Maintainance free.

  • Oil warning system

    Oil warning system
    Engine stops automatically when oil level(pressure) has fallen below the prescribed level.

  • Circuit breaker(s)

    Circuit breaker

    Fuseless type to protect the circuit against overcurrent.

  • Auto decompressor

    Auto decompressor
    Light recoil starting.

  • DC output capability

    DC output capability
    Convenient for battery charging.

  • Carrying Handle

    Carrying Handle
    Easy to carry.

On all models

On some models

Specification Sheet

Type Brushless AC Generator
with damper winding /
Single Phase
Rated voltage (V) 120
Frequency (Hz) 60
Rated output (kVA) 0.85
DC output 12V/8.0A
Type MZ80 : 4-stroke
OHV pressure air cooled
Starting system Recoil *1
L*W*H (mm) 401*298*420
Dry Weight (kg) 24.0
Fuel tank capacity(full)(l) 3.6
Operating hours (Hr) 5.5
Noise Level (db A)(7m) 64.0
Voltage regulator Capacitor
Auto decompressor
Circuit breaker system Electro thermal
Oil level warning system
Voltmeter ×
Pilot lamp ×
AC Plug
DC charging leads

Please read your owner's manual and all labels before operation.
*1 Recoil hand start

Improvement in waveform distortion ratio with damper winding

User-friendly features

As a model intended for a wide range of uses from commercial and household, we have outfitted the EF1000FW with a variety of features to make it more user-friendly. The handle grip that rises from the two sides of the body has been rounded along its full length to make it easier to grip with one hand, two hands or by two people. The control panel is spread out over a larger area in a layout that makes it easier to see the receptacles and switches for easier operation. The fuel cock was redesigned and its space expanded for easier use. And an oil drain was added to the engine as a feature not seen on other 1kVA class compact portable generators that contributes to serviceability.

New-design handle grip
The handle grip is wide and rounded along its full length for easier carrying with one hand, two hands or by two people
  Control panel
(comparison of old and new)
Wider control panel than existing models with lateral arrangement for better ease of use and visibility
Fuel cock
Fuel cock with more space around it for ease of use
  Oil drain
Oil drain adopted for the first time on a Yamaha 1kVA class model for better
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