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Display A

Designed for a wide range of uses

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Display A

The Display A was designed for a wide range of uses, from city to trail riding. It features a simplified and easily operable large liquid crystal display, with speed and battery capacity functions. High importance has been placed on visibility while riding in severe environmental conditions. Support mode can be changed at the press of a button as you ride.

Display A


Drive unit Features Interchangeability with All Units Following the 2019 Model Year
Display size 1.7 inch LCD
Power supply N/A
Connectivity N/A
Functionality <Always-on>
-Battery capacity
-Assist mode
-Trip meter

*Of the selectable items, infrequently-used functions can be hidden.

Retro Fit Kit

Retro Fit Kit

The Display A Retro Fit Kit enables the Display A to be fitted to all PW-X2017/2018 PWseries SE 2018 models.


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