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EX Deluxe : Features

This page outlines the Features of the EX Deluxe.


Ergonomic features for comfortable touring


Room for up to three on the EX Series means no one misses out on the fun.

Reboarding Step

Designed to make it easier to reboard after a swim. Conveniently tucks away when not in use.

Large storage capacity

Bow Storage

Quick access to on-the-water essentials in the bow storage.

Glove Box

Extra-large storage in the glovebox is easily accessible.

Under Seat Storage

The EX Series offers more storage options than comparably-priced PWC.

Convenient features

Dual Mirrors

Standard dual mirrors provide rearward visibility for the driver

Tow Hook

The tow hook allows for easy, secure towing.

Swim Platform

Plenty of room for reboarding or relaxing after a swim.


Fuel Efficient

With its lightweight TR-1 engine, the fuel economy of the EX Series matches Yamaha's reputation for excellent fuel efficiency.


This award-winning, lightweight 3-cylinder engine brings a fun ride with maximum fuel economy.


Drivers can switch from forward to reverse or neutral with one pull of the lever resulting in easier deceleration, reversing and docking.

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