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Post-operation Checks

This page introduces items to check after riding.

When you return to port, clean and check the watercraft.
This is very important to ensure long-lasting use of the craft.

1. Cooling System

  • Wash with fresh water to take out the dirt and salt.
    Drain the water and wipe.

2. Battery

  • Remove the battery terminals.

3. Bilge

  • Check for bilge water and fuel, and clean the area.
    While the water vehicle is on land, keep the drain plug removed.
    (Keep the plug in a secure place certain place.)

4. Engine Room

  • Remove the front seat and fore-storage to wash and ventilate the room.
    When the water vehicle will not be used for a week or more, treat each part with the antirust (lubricate the internal parts of the engine ).

5. Cleaning Parts

  • Washing with fresh water to take out the dirt and salt, and wipe afterwards.


  • Antirust treatment for metal parts.

Only the major checkpoints are mentioned above.
For details, please refer to the Owner Operator's water vehicle manual.

To help ensure that you are able to use your WaveRunner properly and soundly, please be sure to read the Owner's Manual thoroughly after purchase. Also be sure to understand the contents of all warning labels on the product.

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