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Things to Keep in Mind While on a WaveRunner

This page introduces things to keep in mind while on a WaveRunner.

Avoiding Obstacles

When you avoid an obstacle in your way by turning the handlebars, you must not release the throttle. The water vehicle turns by propulsion thrust, so if you release the throttle, the craft does not change direction and you may actually keep moving straight forward and drift into the obstacle you're trying to avoid. In such cases, give the WaveRunner enough gas to allow you to quickly change direction and steer away from the obstacle.

Precautions to Keep in Mind When Riding with Other PWCs

When riding a PWC, always verify that the conditions around you are safe, and always be on the lookout for other boats and PWCs.
If you change direction suddenly, other PWCs traveling behind you may end up running into you. When changing directions, first look left and right and make sure that all is safe before you make the turn.
When riding along with other PWCs, always keep a safe distance in all directions between you and the other watercraft. If you follow other craft too closely, you might wind up hitting someone in front of you if the craft changes directions. You also run the risk of hitting someone if they fall off of a watercraft in front of you.

What to Do If Your Passenger Falls off

If a passenger on your WaveRunner falls off, immediately return to help him or her. Release the throttle as soon as the person falls into the water and always keep the person in sight.
Approach the person slowly, from the downwind side. After reaching the person, stop the engine and pull the person back onto the WaveRunner.

What to Do If the WaveRunner Flips over

If your WaveRunner flips over, make sure that the engine has stopped and then move around to the back of the WaveRunner.
The engine carburetor is located on the right side of the WaveRunner, so when turning the WaveRunner upright, always rotate it in the clockwise direction, as seen from the back of the WaveRunner.
To get back onto the WaveRunner, place both hands on the foot well floor, pull yourself up, and then place both knees on the floor. Do your best to maintain your balance while pulling yourself onto the WaveRunner.

To help ensure that you are able to use your WaveRunner properly and soundly, please be sure to read the Owner's Manual thoroughly after purchase. Also be sure to understand the contents of all warning labels on the product.

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