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WaveRunner (PWC, MarineJet)

Argentina's Race Team : Blue Team

Report on Argentina's Race Team : Blue Team.

Yamaha Motor Argentina S.A. supports a racing team called Blue Team. I spoke with the SuperJet racer, Mr. Julian Ramirez and Mr. Mariano Liberto who rides the GP1300R.

Mr. Julian Ramirez (Machine: SuperJet, #40)
Mr. Mariano Liberto (Machine:GP1300R, #90)

Interview with Mr. Julian Ramirez (Machine: SuperJet, #40)

YAMAHA: Why did you start riding PWC?

Mr. Julian Ramirez: I was a Motocross racer and my friend told me that PWC riding feels similar to Motocross. It was the start of my PWC career. After two years, I became a professional SuperJet rider.

YAMAHA: What is the most exciting moment in races?

Mr. Julian Ramirez: Starting is the most exciting. I always get a thrill when everyone starts their engines and the sound reverberates all around you. It goes without saying that the moment when you reach your goal of coming top is also exciting.

YAMAHA: What is the most difficult point in PWC race?

Mr. Julian Ramirez: It's very difficult to take a good position. The first position decides 80% of the whole race.

YAMAHA: What do you think the merit of SuperJet compared other brand's modes?

Mr. Julian Ramirez: Well, Yamaha SuperJet is lighter than other brands. We can enjoy both freestyle and race due to this lightness. I think this machine has various uses, and that is an important point.

YAMAHA: If you have any comment or goal for next season, please let us know.

Mr. Julian Ramirez: I will compete in the Super Stock Class for the first time. In this category, I am the only racer who rides SuperJet. It may be difficult to fight with a larger displacement model, but I will do my best.

Interview with Mr. Mariano Liberto (Machine: GP1300R, #90)

YAMAHA: Tell us about your PWC career.

Mr. Mariano Liberto: I saw a PWC race at a beach and started riding in 1998. Last year I participated in a race for the first time and captured the championship in Argentina.

YAMAHA: I heard you had other brand model before. Why did you change to Yamaha?

Mr. Mariano Liberto: The other brand had machine trouble, but since I started riding Yamaha, I have never suffered from mechanical trouble and I feel that I can rely on Yamaha products.

YAMAHA: What is the most difficult point in a PWC race?

Mr. Mariano Liberto: I am good at racing on the sea. Sea races are more difficult than river races because we have to race in high wave conditions.

YAMAHA: You won such hard races, and from your experience, do you have any advice to all the PWC riders in the world about how to ride their PWC well?

Mr. Mariano Liberto: Just practice hard. You have to train not only on water, but also on land. Go to gym and do hard training.

YAMAHA: Last question; You had a great result in this season, and what is your goal for next season?

Mr. Julian Ramirez: I will change the category and hope I will win the race in the new category.

Thank you very much, Blue Team!
We hope to hear good race results soon.

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