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Acapulcazo 2011 opening in the World Trade Center Mexico City

Report on Acapulcazo 2011 opening in the World Trade Center Mexico City.

Acapulco is one of the worlds' most beautiful resorts located on the pacific coast, 300 miles south west of the capital, Mexico City. This exceptional site boasts numerous major resort hotels & villas where millions of tourists visit every year.

The "Acapulcazo 2011" event was held at the Mexico City World Trade Centre from the 24th to the 26th of June to promote the Acapulco resort.

Implementos El Pescador, dealer of Mexico's Yamaha Distributor IMEMSA, participated in the Acapulcazo 2011 as an exhibitor with their rental agents. Their presentations of WaveRunners and other commercial products, and explanations for their event to be held at the resort became topics of great attention. Details of this event are on their website within the article below.

Ms. Graciela Báez Ricárdez, the Secretary for Tourism Promotion, opened Acapulcazo 2011, considered one of the major events to promote the Acapulco tourist offer, in the World Trade Center Mexico City. Mr. Manuel Añorve Baños, the Acapulco City President; Mr. Pedro Haces Sordo, the AHETA President; Mr. Alejandro Rojas Díaz Durán, the Mexico City Government Tourism Secretary; the congressman, Mr. Alejandro Carabias; Mr. Heriberto Hermosillo, the Sectur Colonial Cities Coordinator; Mr. Miguel Torruco Marqués, the President of CNT, the National Tourist Confederation, and many travel agents attended the event.

Mexico City, June 24, 2011.- Ms. Graciela Báez Ricárdez, the Guerrero Tourism Promotion Secretary and her Mexico City counterpart, Mr. Alejandro Rojas Díaz Durán, along with Mr. Manuel Añorve Baños, the Acapulco City President and Mr. Heriberto Hermosillo, the Sectur Colonial Cities Coordinator, opened Acapulcazo 2011, that will be held between today and Sunday, June 26, in the World Trade Center Mexico City.

At the event, one of the most important to promote the tourist offer of the port and promoted by AHETA, the Acapulco Hotels and Tourist Companies Association, the visitors will be able to find the best tourist packages, sea, plane and land transport fees and offers, and among other tourist services, lodging, restaurants, discos and Marine services associations.

In her message to the travel agents, the state Tourism Promotion Secretary, Ms. Graciela Báez Ricárdez, emphasized that the government led by Mr. Ángel Aguirre Rivero is determined to reposition Acapulco at the national and international level during its administration.

To do it, she said, "we are working on a very detailed strategy and campaign to sell Acapulco not only at the national but at the international level, and we are going to recover those flights and cruises that have been lost, along with the foreign tourists that have stopped visiting the port."

Thanks to the vision and steps taken by the Governor, Mr. Ángel Aguirre, after less than 100 days in government, it has been possible to attract an important amount of federal resources to change the face of Acapulco, Ms. Báez Ricárdez specified.

She invited the travel agents to visit Acapulco to witness the transformation the port is going to experience in a short time thanks to the many projects just around the corner, for example, the building of the Maxitúnel (a large tunnel) to ease the traffic in Avenida Escénica, the introduction of the Metrobús and the investments in docks and sea transport, the state officer explained.

On the other hand, the Mexico City Tourism Secretary, Mr. Alejandro Rojas, reminded those present that Acapulco has given a lot to Mexico and that now that Mexico needs us, the Mexican people should give back something else to Acapulco.

He also added that the city port is the "tourist heart of this country" and, because of that, he is against the Federal Government taking away the Tianguis Turístico that started taking place in Acapulco 36 years ago.

Mr. Alejandro Rojas emphasized that Acapulco placed Mexico in the tourist map of the world, that it was the first international tourist destination the country had and that, for decades, it was a compulsory reference in all the artistic, cultural and film worlds.

In his turn, Mr. Heriberto Hermosillo, the Sectur Colonial Cities Coordinator, asserted that events such as the Acapulcazo allow to strengthen the development of the tourist destinations and, in particular, that of such a beautiful and important place as Acapulco.

On the other hand, Mr. Manuel Añorve, the Acapulco City President, said that to get off the ground the port is doing what it has to do, working in coordination with the Governor, Mr. Ángel Aguirre, because people wants results and it doesn´t matter what political party the people in power belong to.

Mr. Miguel Torruco Marqués, the CNT (National Tourist Confederation) President; the national congressmen, Mr. Fermín Alvarado and Mr. Alejandro Carabias, as well as Mr. Pedro Haces Sordo and Covadonga Gómez Huerta, President and Manager Director of AHETA, respectively, attended the event.

At the Acapulcazo 2011 exhibition in WTC Mexico City, several expositors offering packages to visit the Guerrero port this Summer were present.

Photos: Enrique Fragoso (EFM)

Yamaha WaveRunners will be available for rental at Acapulco, the resort of beautiful coastlines, ports and various enjoyable marine sports. Step in for an exciting vacation and experience WaveRunner fun at this marvelous resort.

Reported by IMEMSA

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