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Yamaha Cruising Day in Kuwait

Report on Yamaha Cruising Day in Kuwait.

PWC cruising event was held in June by Kuwait Development & Trading Co. Sultan Al Salem & Sons, the official Yamaha distributor. 45 WaveRunner riders joined this event and started Kuwait Sea Sport Club and headed out for Kubbar Island, approximately 30 km distance from Kuwait City.

June is middle of sand storm season, but fortunately sky was clear and it was beautiful weather all the day.

The participants were divided into two groups with each group leader. All the participants listened to the leader and marshal boat.

After one hour and half cruising, the team arrived in Kubbar island, which is famous place for Kuwaiti to spend water activity during summer time.

The participants (customers & media) enjoyed riding of PWC and also other activities such as banana and kayak in the island.

All the participants went back to Kuwait Sea Sport Club safety and long day finished.

This event was introduced in TV and magazine and the name of "Yamaha Cruising Day" became famous all the county of Kuwait. Kuwait Development Trading Co. made this event a new era in PWC entertainment in Kuwait. Participants were satisfied for this event and found new enjoyment by gathering as Yamaha community.

*Riders wear life jacket under bibs.

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