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S1 Adventure turbo 2009 in Colombia

Report on S1 Adventure turbo 2009 in Colombia.

Date: 13-Dec-09
Organizer : EDUARDOÑO S.A.
Country : COLOMBIA

As result of a potential market in the Urabá Golf (Turbo), Eduardoño promoted during 2009, the FX models with excellent results in the recreational market. Turbo market has an interesting potential for tourism. With the collaboration of one Eduardoño dealer (MAR & NAUTICA), we developed the first S1 Adventure event in this area with an excellent response from customers and general public.
Turbo is a port located on the Atlantic Ocean, in a gulf called Urabá. The Atrato river (most plentiful in the world) empties its waters on it.
Before the event Eduardoño enrolled approximately 17 WaveRunners in various categories (especially 4 stroke 1812 cc) which included 24 participants (1100 cc 4 stroke and 700 cc 2 stroke) 3 participants in each category.
With a temperature of 30 Celsius degrees at sea level the event took place at the beach near the city. We fixed a place for the event and invited the maritime authorities to the event.
Shirts and caps were distributed to participants and the best times were awarded in each category. As never before Turbo had a nautical event and participants felt in "love with the S1 Adventure" and asked for more events with more frequency.

Reported by Javier Jose Wills Isaza

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