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Safety on water campaign & wave fiesta in Bahrain

Report on Safety on water campaign & wave fiesta in Bahrain .

A.J.M. KOOHEJI AND SONS, the official Waveunner distributor in Bahrain, in association with Al Bandar Resorts and the Bahrain Coast Guard organised a - Safety on Water Campaign - and a fun filled activity called - the Wave Fiesta - on July 24, 2009.

The event which initiated at the Al Bandar Resort & Spa with a conference conducted by the Bahrain Coast Guard on Safety on Water was attended by 120 Yamaha Waverunner owners.

The Coast Guard informed all the attendees the importance of "Safety on Water" while in the middle of the sea and even basic features on how to dock the water vehicle, how to board the vehicle, safety of co - passengers.

Post this conference AJM Kooheji organised a Wave Fiesta.
The event was organised at the Aum Jaleed Island which is considered as the Marine Paradise for sea lovers.
All the participants travelled from Al Bandar resort via boats and personal waverunners to the island.
The wave Fiesta had the following fun filled activities.

  • Test drive for Yamaha 2009 brand new model "FZS"
  • Time Lap stand up competition on the Yamaha Wave Runners
  • Time Lap sit down competition on the Yamaha Wave Runners
  • Yamaha wave Runner Drag Race - Stock
  • Yamaha wave Runner Drag Race - Modified
  • Various Fun & Games were also conducted.

The fiesta also had B.B.Q. & refreshments at the island.
There were many other fun filled activities and attendees enjoyed Waveruneners whole a day.

For further information or inquiry concerning test drive and event, please contact the following address.

TEL: 973-737747
FAX: 973-732723
Web site: //

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