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A WaveRunner Voyage in Portugal

Report on A WaveRunner Voyage in Portugal

A portuguese rider accomplished the very challenging offshore crossing from Madeira to the Selvagens Islands.

Mr. Frederico Manuel Rezende with
his FX Cruiser SHO

On July 20 2009, Mr. Frederico Manuel Rezende (45) of Portugal undertook a very challenging offshore crossing of 160 nautical miles of open sea. Earlier He had successfully completed a similar unique PWC long-distance cruise, but in coastal waters. This time his open-sea crossing from Madeira to the Selvagens Islands took 8 hours and 34 minutes, and that speed was due not only to his experience but also the outstanding performance of YAMAHA's latest FX Cruiser SHO that he chose for the long hours of riding in rough conditions that he knew this voyage would require. For this challenge, Mr. Frederico Manuel Rezende got full support from Yamaha Motor Portugal and the Madeira Yamaha dealership, ANB. In addition to support for re-fueling and food supplies, a support boat carrying a nurse and Yamaha mechanic were also provided to ensure the safety of the crossing. This memorable event was also covered by Portuguese television in a program that presented the courageous undertaking of Mr. Frederico Manuel Rezende and has hopefully boosted the Yamaha marine brand image at the same time.

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