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S1 Adventure in Balsillas beach Morrosquillo Gulf Caribbean Sea

Report on S1 Adventure in Balsillas beach Morrosquillo Gulf Caribbean Sea.

Date :07-Jan-09
Place :Balsillas beach - Morrosquillo Gulf - Caribbean Sea
Organizer :Eduardoño S.A.
Country :Colombia

For the second opportunity we developed the S1 Adventure in Balsillas. As we thought, people were expecting for us, because last year event we said we were going to repeat it next year, and also we sent some invitations. The sun was shiny and as always, participants did the line for a place in the S1 Adventure. Everyone wanted their T-shirt and caps. At first we had some difficulties with the course, because the waves, but after we fix it, everything work very good. For this opportunity and considering that not much participants have WV, we establish the use of only one Waverunner. We also established one condition, that participants had experience with WV. Most of the people that showed off had experience, so it was no problem to have enough participants.

The first ones were the men's, but we considered it was better if we mixed the categories, so participants from one category didn't have to wait too much. Participants were so happy and excited, that they asked if they could join us for the next day event. Eduardoño reach its goal, we promoted the Yamaha WV, between a very interesting public. For sure in the future we will sale some WV in this area. Some people still don't believe we arrange this kind of event for free.

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