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YA Lifestyle

Report on YA Lifestyle

More than mere objects of desire, the Yamaha personal watercrafts begin to represent a life style.

Heavily investing in its image and in its brand image, Yamaha Náutica launched the Ya Lifestyle concept in early 2006.
Ya Lifestyle promotes awareness while using the waverunner, combining leisure, sports and pleasure. The company's purpose is promoting unique emotional experiences to its clients. Actions that allow the rider to arrive at paradise destinations, unreachable through any type of Boats.

Two gatherings have been promoted for owners of the brand's watercrafts in the cities of Bertioga and Itanhaém, both on the São Paulo coast, through pristine rivers, surrounded only by nature.

These events have allowed the participants to get in touch with different destinations, and to practice the philosophy of ecotourism. Contemplation and respect to nature combine with adventure and the full utilization of the Yamaha waverunners, especially comfort and autonomy for the pilots and their machines.

“Presently, most of the high value-added brands develop differentiated actions, capable of maintaining customers' loyalty to the company's products. Developing organized boat or waverunner rides is a tool with a high potential to promote the identification between Yamaha and its clients. Additionally, it is a great opportunity to better explore the utilization of the equipment in order to have lots of fun, with safety,” says Eslei Giarolla, Marketing&Sales Manager for the Brazilian nautical division.

These rides, in addition to allowing current owners to interact, also attract the attention of new potential clients.

“The Yamaha rides have a special taste; they bring clients and dealers even closer. The trips are always unforgettable, and make everyone wish they had a waverunner, which, of course, increases our sales potential,” says Valdir Brito, who owns JetCo, a dealership in the city of São Paulo.

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