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Yamaha Motor Revs Your Heart

Performance Dampers

Upgrading Car Audio Sound

Improves audio quality by absorbing excess vibration that would degrade audio performance.

Performance Dampers absorb excess vibration from the chassis

Performance Dampers absorb excess vibration from the chassis

  • Better sound volume from speaker
  • Speaker sound tone changed

Car audio sound quality improved

Test Method

We played music on the car audio system with the engine stopped (in accessory mode), and measured the sound. (Test Vehicle: Luxury sedan)

Test Result

Sound Pressure

Taking the average of the graph as it peaks and troughs, we found that car audio with Performance Dampers was 3 dB louder than without Performance Dampers.

Frequency Analysis

Example sonograms (A characteristics, 8,192 lines, O/L 50%)
With Performance Dampers, the green part mainly increases inside the white frame. It seems that Performance Dampers absorb excess vibration, causing the speakers to exhibit performance as intended, and uncover hidden tone that could never be heard before.

*Data based on Yamaha Motor’s evaluations
*It may not be possible to obtain sufficient benefits, depending on the driving environment, including road surface conditions and vehicle speed.
*Individual differences exist in how benefits are felt.

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