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Performance Dampers

Suppress Vibration

Reduces vehicle vibration and shaking when driving over bumps, relieving fatigue on passengers and helping long distance drive.

Performance Dampers absorb excess vibration from the chassis

Performance Dampers absorb excess vibration from the chassis

  • Reduces vehicle vibration when driving over bumps

Relieves fatigue on passengers and makes long distance driving easier
Some feedback say they suffered less motion sickness

Test Method (driving over bumps)

Test Method (driving over bumps)

A truck was driven over a bump with a height of 60 mm, at a speed of 5 kph. We verified vibration on the driver’s seat side when crossing the bump by recording video on a camera on the driver’s helmet.

Test Results

[Test Video] Driving Over Bump

Comparing vibration of the helmet camera video, we can clearly see the head stops shaking more quickly with Performance Dampers. This reduction of “body shaking” can contribute to relieving passenger fatigue and improving comfort during long-distance driving. Some customers have also mentioned that they suffered less motion sickness.

*Data based on Yamaha Motor’s evaluations
*Driving evaluations done in an enclosed area with consideration for safety.
*It may not be possible to obtain sufficient benefits, depending on the driving environment, including road surface conditions and vehicle speed.
*Individual differences exist in how benefits are felt.

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