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Leisure Pools

Leisure pools that children and adults alike can enjoy, including water slides and lazy river pools.

At Yamaha, we plan, design, and build leisure pool facilities based on our FRP technology.
The gentle touch created by the curved lines of FRP can also be used in leisure pool construction for pools that are both fun and safe.
In our facility planning, we offer combinations of pools and pool accessories as well as functional layouts made to suit the site, budget, and theme.
We produce Leisure Pools that will have everyone from children to adults wanting to come back for more.

Lazy River Pool
Lazy River Pool
Can be designed in any form or layout.
With its slow, natural speed similar to a real river, these popular pools are fun to just relax and float along in.
Wave Pool
Wave Pool
A pool equipped with a wave unit that can make waves ranging from ripples to two-meter high waves.
This pool lets everyone from children to adults enjoy the feeling of being at a tropical beach.
Water Slide
Water Slide
A large slide attached to a pool that lets you experience speed and thrills with ease.
The combination of safety and fun is a key point in the design.
>Aqua Play System
Aqua Play System
A new play system that lets children control water as they play.
We bring together items that children love, such as fountains, water guns, tunnels, and slides!
River Ride
River Ride
This thrilling attraction lets users in large, specially designed tubes zoom down a wide slide.
Pool Accessories
Pool Accessories
We offer fun with that little something extra, such as small slides and adorable mushroom-shaped fountains.

Examples of Leisure Pool Installations

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