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Private Pools

Examples of pools installed at private residences and condominiums.

Private PoolsExamples of pools installed at private residences.

Residence in Hiroshima Prefecture (2004)

A pool built in a home overlooking the islands of the Seto Inland Sea. The purpose of this pool was relaxation and bodybuilding. The shape of the pool was modeled after a resort facility.

Pool Specifications
Size 47㎡
Depth 1.2m
Courses -
Materials FRP

ApartmentExamples of pools installed at condominiums.

Residence in Tokyo (2007)

We built a pool for family use on the rooftop of a home in the city center. Its purpose was health maintenance for the adults and water play for the children. While it is not completely indoors, the addition of water heating equipment means they can use the pool from May to September.

Pool Specifications
Size 5m×1.7m
Depth 1.0m
Courses -
Materials FRP

HotelsExamples of pools installed at hotels.

Kafuu Resort Fuchaku Condo Hotel (2016)

An Infinity Pool installed at a resort hotel in Okinawa. With its flowing water and sense of continuity with the sea and sky, this pool is brimming with that resort feeling.

Pool Specifications
Size 18m×6m
Depth 1.13m
Materials FRP

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