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Public Facilities & Water Parks

Examples of pools installed in public facilities and water parks.

Public facilitiesExamples of pools installed at public facilities.

Kinokawa City Park Pool (2016)

An eight-course, 25-meter pool and an irregularly shaped pool with a straight slide were installed here. This pool facility supports a wide range of uses, from summertime leisure to competitions.

Komaki-Minami Sports Center (2010)

Construction on the aging pool unit made of steel plates was done, along with repairs on the surrounding area. A new FRP Pool was made by renovating and using part of the existing concrete foundation. The Aqua Play System was newly installed in the adjoining children’s pool.

Pool Specifications
Size 50m×19m
Depth 1.2m~1.4m~1.2m
Courses 9courses
Materials FRP

Katsuragi Park Public Pool (2007)

A certified pool with eight 25-meter courses and a slope was built on the site where the former 50-meter pool was. Doing so allowed more space for the poolside, which was designed to be comfortable, spacious, and safer for the townsfolk. It is used as an important public facility that encourages sports culture.

Pool Specifications
Size 25m×21m
Depth 1.35m~1.4m~1.35m
Courses 8courses
Materials FRP

Water parksSome examples of water parks and pool facilities with features such as water slides and lazy rivers.

Hofu City Sports Center Pool (2014)

Hofu City Sports Center Pool was renovated in 2014 to create a more leisurely facility that could be used safely and casually by people of all ages, from small children to the elderly. A 25-meter pool, children’s pool, lazy river, and three-lane straight slide were installed.

Dekapathos (2005)

A sports complex opened in July 2005 on Rokko Island in the city of Kobe, built and run by Yamaha. With its wave pool, water slides, lazy river, children’s pool, floating playground equipment, and spa pool, this water park can be enjoyed by children and adults alike.

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